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Investigation on punching shear behaviour of multi–panel flat slab

Reinforced concrete multi–panel flat slabs subjected to punching shear are investigated in this study on the basis of finite element analysis. The study involves development of a non–linear material model strategy based on past experimental investigations which implements solution for a realistic description of punching shear of RC slabs for several types of concrete strength and reinforcement ratio. It has been observed that the unit punching shear strength of multi–panel slabs decreases with increase of compressive strength of concrete. On the other hand, flexural reinforcement ratio contributes to increase the punching capacity. A proposal for calculating punching shear capacity of flat slab is incorporated in this paper based on the findings of investigation. The proposal includes the effect of flexural reinforcement in addition to concrete strength in estimating the punching capacity. The punching shear capacity estimated using the proposed expression is compared with the results of non–linear finite element analysis and some code equations and has been found to be in good agreement.

Keywords: reinforced concrete slabs, flexural steel, finite element analysis, FEA, punching shear behaviour, multi–panel flat slabs, flexural reinforcement, concrete strength, punching capacity

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