Investing in Workplace Safety - Before It`s Too Late


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Whether we’re talking about safety violations in retail store like Dollar Tree or an unsafe lab environment at an educational institution like UCLA, health and safety violations in the workplace can have disastrous results for any organization. Steep fines, legal fees, and damage to your company’s good reputation are the “best” possible outcomes. These pale in comparison to tragic injuries and even fatalities that stem from an unsafe laboratory, blocked emergency exits, and other OSHA violations.

Just this week, it was reported that UCLA spent more than $4.5 million on legal fees to defend a chemistry professor whose research assistant was killed in a lab accident on campus. Proper implementation of a safety and compliance program could have saved Sheri Sangji’s life, Professor Harran’s good name, and UCLA’s bottom line.

Only a week before, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a news release faulting a Texas Dollar Tree store for more OSHA violations. Nationwide, Dollar Tree stores have been fined nearly $1 million for similar workplace safety issues over the past five months.

While it may seem overwhelming to contemplate the implementation of an OSHA compliance training program or an environmental health and safety inspection, taking proper measures to comply with lab safety and other occupational safety standards is a real lifesaver. Risking the health and safety of your employees just because a compliance audit seems daunting is a dangerous choice.

Achieving compliance with OSHA standards, implementing a program to keep your employees safe, and performing frequent checks to ensure workplace compliance is something every business should be proud to do.

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