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When properly applied, ion exchange for concentrated ion recovery is by far the best available technology. Where effluent streams can be filtered and ions requiring different regenerants can be segregated, ion exchange is usually the most cost effective and least capital intensive solution. We provide 4 levels of integration to cover most applications and capital budgets. The variations in the system configuration trade your labor and attention for our automation. As you invest capital, the cost of operation, ease of use, and 'worry' factor decrease. The most advanced systems feature fully automatic operation and control with only minimal checking to make sure everything is operating correctly. The simplest system is customer assembled and monitored, with only the regeneration automated. The four levels of integration are as follows:

Simplex Ion Exchange Systems

Individual components are sold separately with an automatic regeneration module to minimize water and regenerant use. Prepackaged resin and columns, sand filters, carbon filters, and pumps provide a low cost method of metal recovery and/or DI water recirculation. Low flow and/or point source applications with minimal suspended solids are the best application for this type of system. The simplex regeneration module is the lowest cost and most effective method of regenerating small ion exchange bottles available. Featuring a programmable controller and all air operated valves, we give you the regeneration program used on our $100-200,000.00 units at a very reasonable cost. Using eductors (venturi) or optional pumps to add regenerate to the columns, the system is compact and efficient in its use of rinse water and regenerant.

Point Source Ion Exchange Systems

The original, integrated, Point Source Ion eXchange system (P-SIX(TM)). A low flow (2-4 gpm) integrated system with collection sump, pump, pH adjust, resin and columns. The PSIX(TM) regeneration module is a full featured system with integrated regenerant recirculation and rinsewater collection tanks. Together, the collection module and the regeneration module provide a low cost integrated solution for low flow, point source recovery streams.
The P-SIX(TM) regeneration module is the big brother to the simplix regeneration module, expanding on the concept and further integrating its functions. The system features holding tanks for the regenerant and rinse water, magnetic drive pumps for regenerant recirculation and rinse dumping, and optional integrated plate-out units for metal recovery.

Basic Ion Exchange Systems

Basic Ion eXchange systems(BIX) feature integrated effluent conditioning (ph and orp), optional breakthrough detection, and our optional 'sumpless pump' eductor. The skid mounted systems have an integral 150-200 gallon fiberglass tank with recirculation pump, pH/orp controls, level interlocks and high level alarming. Generally mounted on a 3'6' x 4' skid, the compact system provides full preconditioning and buffering for 2-10 gpm flow rates. Media, carbon and resin columns are modular and connect to a central manifold. Adding columns increase the flow capacity for low cost upgrading of the system. Regeneration is accomplished by either a P-SIX(TM) regeneration module or a simplex regeneration module mounted on the BIX skid. Columns and media filters are backwashed and regenerated automatically once connected to the regeneration modules.

Skid mounte Ion Exchange systems and Metal Recovery Ion Exchange Systems

Skid mounted and Metal Recovery Ion Exchange systems are fully integrated, compact, units for consolidated effluent streams of 6-300+ gallons per minute. Highly integrated systems run continuously even during regeneration. There are no columns to move or manual valves to turn. Regeneration is a push the button and go to lunch operation. Our top-of- the-line systems feature fast installation, breakthrough detection, and multiple metal separations. Fully automatic systems are available that detect breakthrough, start the regeneration automatically, and alarm if any error is encountered.

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