Irreversible destruction of collected data with overgaining

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Recently we have encountered a growing amount of GPR users asking for help with the interpretation of their data. Most of this requests were based on a presumption that a more skilled user will be able to interpret more out of the collected data. However, the problem was not in the lack of interpretation skills, but rather with the lack of data acquisition knowledge. Most of the data we received was heavily over-gained and clipped. By allowing the data to get clipped these users have lost part of the information which could in no way be retrieved. Except by redoing the survey.

This increasing confusion is a product of the constant marketing wars and deliberate misinterpretations of basic laws of physics and logic pushed by some sales departments. When approached by these sale strategies the non experienced users are baffled with images of over-gained data on the screen of the data acquisition unit. The problem is that the next step in the interpretation of this data is often left unexplained or poorly presented. This kind of sales tactics are questionable, but since this is one of the present problems we encounter, I will try to convince you to do otherwise.

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