Is a Steam Vacuum Cleaner the Solution to Kitchen Maintenance Woes?

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After a busy day in the kitchen, one of the most dreaded jobs is cleaning up. Burnt gravy on pots, splattered food on baking racks and baked on stains in your microwave: It can be overwhelming. To effectively eliminate tough stains and baked-on splatters from different surfaces in the kitchen, you may want to skip the steel wool pads, scrapers and cleaning chemicals, and instead choose a steam vacuum cleaner machine. 

Being lightweight, compact and portable, steam vacuum cleaner equipment can be easily moved around the kitchen. The super-hot steam ejected by steam cleaning systems helps clean off dirt and stains from counter tops, floors, walls, sinks, stove tops, exhausts and more. Here is a look at how these steam cleaning machines help in different cleaning applications around the kitchen.

Cleaning Pots and Pans

Without powerful cleaning equipment, it can be extremely tough to clean grimy pans and sticky pots. Often, traditional techniques like scrubbing with cleaning chemicals will not offer the results you expect. Such techniques are also time-consuming and strenuous. For this reason, you may want to switch to steam vacuum cleaner machines. The advanced anti-bacterial functions available with some steam cleaning units will leave your dirty pots clean and disinfected.

Maintaining Baking Ware

Although most of us love the wonderful aroma of freshly baked cakes and pastries, the baking process involves a great deal of cleaning up. Food-splattered racks, ovens and bake ware are not very easy to clean up. However, steam vacuum cleaner systems that generate steam at temperatures as high as 386°F can penetrate stubborn substances and dissolve them in no time. The vacuuming function will help extract dirt deposits so that you do not have to wipe it off manually. Thanks to the advanced cleaning capabilities of steam cleaners, it is now easier than ever to maintain your oven, microwave, pans and baking trays.

Defrosting Freezers

Traditionally, defrosting a freezer involved chipping away the ice buildup before mopping up the water in the freezer. Cleaning refrigerators was also a similarly time-consuming task. If cleaning chemicals and towels are not working the way you expect, consider using vapor steam cleaners for maintaining freezers and refrigerators. These portable steam cleaning equipment will help melt thick ice buildup within freezers. The hot steam ejected by steam cleaners will also dissolve juice stains and food splatters in refrigerators.

It is possible to enhance the cleaning action of vapor steam cleaners during all applications by using them in combination with green chemicals. Powerful green chemicals available from leading suppliers help dissolve grease deposits and caked on food stains in no time. Simply pre-treat your counter tops, ovens, and pots with these non-toxic, biodegradable green chemicals before using portable steam cleaners. This cleaning technique will leave kitchen surfaces squeaky-clean, sanitized and smelling fresh.

Due to features such as high steam temperatures and low pressure levels, steam vacuum cleaner machines are perfect for kitchen maintenance applications. For super-clean, sparkling kitchens, try using the power of steam today.

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