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Is It worth Paying Extra Money for Good Wire Stripping Machine


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We all know that it is a buyer’s market. There are a lot of choices here and haggling is the rule of the game. But when the hunt for cheaper machine ends up losing money, it needs us to think twice. Amisy, a professional manufacturer of wire stripping machine and copper cable granulator, knows that there are many similar models on the market, but can they do the same job? Completely wrong!

As with everything in this world you get what you pay for and where costs are cut, quality suffers. The wire stripping machine produced by Amisy has proven their reliable function and superiorior quality. What advantages do our wire stripping machines have? As we know, mechanical blade is the soul of wire stripping machine. Damaged blade or the blade not in accord with wires, all these will do harm to metal core. We will patiently know about what material you will deal with and offer the best solution for you. More importantly, we will give you detailed guide and consistent service. The only object we do these is to ensure the machine we provide can work efficiently for dozens of years without trouble. 

So is it worth paying extra money? Yes!…It is reported that a poor quality wire stripping machine will make you lose thousand dollars including the cost of renewing the blades and the damage to the metal core. Therefore by paying out more initially on a good wire stripping machine, you make a return on your investment earlier (the actual situation depends on your production) and continue to make money year after year.

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