Is your ozone generator up to the job?

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Courtesy of Absolute Systems Inc.

After over a decade of building and supplying many ozone generators for water treatment all over the world, I had noticed that we hardly sell anything locally. It seemed strange to me, so I decided to call several different local water treatment professionals to find out what was the reason behind this.

I asked them if they had ever used an ozone generator for water treatment. To my surprise, all of them answered yes. I then asked them if they are now using ozone in their applications. To my astonishment, all of them answered no. I asked them why.
“Because ozone doesn’t work,” was the answer from all.

This was the equivalent of someone telling me that the world is flat. Ozone for water treatment had always been an excellent choice for all our clients — effective, reliable, relatively inexpensive and ecologically clean.
I decided to ask one of the people I had approached — let’s call him “Joe” — to explain to me why an ozone generator didn’t work for him and why he is so dead-set against using ozone.

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