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Is Your Steam Cleaning Equipment Geared for Chewing Gum Removal?

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Chewing gum removal is one of the more arduous tasks faced by contractors today. However, with the right gum removing machines, you could be earning potentially thousands of dollars per day. Gum removal is big business. Malls, shopping complexes, office buildings, hotels, amusement parks, and theaters spend thousands of dollars on removing chewing gum wads from their premises.

How do you get into the chewing gum removal business? Whether you run a contract cleaning business or are a new entrepreneur, the right chewing gum removal equipment will surely boost your business. It could make the difference between a successful venture and a lukewarm startup.

Most chewing gum removal machines are powerful vapor steam cleaners equipped with gum removing tools. Not all vapor steam cleaners are suitable for gum removal. What are the requirements for commercial gum remover machines?

High Pressure
If you are planning to purchase a cheap home-use steam cleaner for removing chewing gum on a commercial basis, think again. You need a machine that is powerful, and offers features that enhance productivity. Commercial vapor steam cleaners that have gum removal feature are the most suitable. These machines have higher pressure levels than home use machines. Starting from 100 psi, the pressure level for chewing gum removing equipment can go up to 150 psi. Many home use machines generate less than 70 psi of pressure.

High Temperature
Heat is the basic principle behind chewing gum removing equipment. If your machine is not generating enough temperature, you would be spending hours removing gum that should ideally be cleaned away in far less time. Heat loosens gum wads and the dislodged gum can easily be scraped off or removed through vacuum extraction, another essential feature of the best gum removers.

How hot should the steam be? Anything less than 300°F is insufficient. The hotter the steam, the faster the cleaning process is. If the gum wad cools too fast, you need to re-apply steam, which prolongs the process. Many dealers offer gum remover machines that can reach top temperatures ranging from 356°F to 369°F.

Not only should the machine attain high temperatures, it should do so quickly. In a commercial setting, time is money. The less time spent on waiting for cold water to heat, the more productive the process is. Commercial chewing gum removal machines heat water in around 15 minutes, which is much faster than home use machines.

Machine Durability
This is one of the most overlooked factors when contractors purchase steam cleaning equipment. If you want the machine to work nonstop and generate high temperature, you have to ensure it has durable, corrosion-resistant parts.

Consider the boiler. It is the most expensive part of steam cleaners including portable steam cleaners. If the boiler stops functioning, replacement could cost thousands of dollars. Therefore the boiler needs to be top grade. Most steam cleaners have aluminum boilers, which are less durable.

Some dealers offer portable steam cleaners that have stainless steel boilers. These boilers are more durable and corrosion resistant. The best steam cleaners have self cleaning boilers, which results in longer boiler life.

By keeping all the above factors in mind when choosing chewing gum removal equipment, you can start your business off on the right foot.

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