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ISO14001 Environmental Aspect Illustrated

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An Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS) and Sewage Treatment System are delicate biotechnical equipment. Their biochemical dynamics often varies not according to mechanical equations that we prompt them to. Occasionally we encounter systems upset and expensive rectification work.
Bulking, foaming and other symptom of ‘shock-loading’ are common challenges in IETS operation. These fluctuations are usually not caused by the system, instead, by us, the originators of effluents and sewage. How do we ensure consistent performance? How do we use those monitoring data to predict suitable settings when we know of a changed influent quality/quantity is about to enter our IETS? Hence, rule of the thumb – communication between effluent originator (releaser) and the IETS Operation Team must be established and always interacting. A good communication between them would complement the purpose of this IETS Logbook.

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