ITS president named one of the top 50 people in water by WC+P magazine


Courtesy of Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

As part of our 50th ‘Golden Anniversary’ of service to the international POU/POE water treatment industry, WC&P is proud to announce its first annual Top 50 Awards, including the selected Person of the Year, for 2009.

We are also proud to associate this annual award program with a person who was instrumental in creating the idea, who served as a founding member of the Top 50  Committee. The late William B. Fritzsche embodied the spirit of that concept.

Fritzsche dedicated his personal and professional life to promote the best interests of the industry and there can be no better standard for anyone present or future. It will now forever carry his name.

WC&P would also like to thank the additional Top 50 Committee members for their efforts and insights, including Margit Fotre of WQA, Rich Clack of Clack Corporation, Peter Cartwright of Cartwright Consulting Co. and Kurt Peterson of WC&P magazine.

So, what is a Top 50?

As you can see from those selected from the nearly 100 nominees by our readers and industry leaders, they are a diverse group of people covering all levels of participation and service to our industry.

And narrowing the list to 50 was a tough task by the committee; those who were not selected this year will be considered again for next year.

Corporate directors, organizational advocates, thought leaders, subject experts and front-line professionals all make up the 2009 Top 50.

Most importantly, they are people who we all should know, emulate and thank for their various degrees of service and dedication to our industry.

And, if you see someone who you think should have been on the list, make sure to take the time to nominate them next year!

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