Ivey International Inc. successfully emulsifies BioOil with hydrocarbon diesel


Courtesy of Ivey International Inc.

DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation (OTCBB: DYMTF) announced today that Ivey International Inc, a British Columbia environmental solutions company working with DynaMotive, has successfully emulsified BioOil with hydrocarbon diesel. The goal of the emulsification testing is to allow for co-burning of a BioOil/ diesel mix in stationary engines without requiring significant modifications to them. If successfully developed, a product which permits BioOil to supplement diesel fuel will open a major market for both DynaMotive and Ivey. A test program to develop emulsification of BioOil with fuel oil and other heavy hydrocarbons will follow.

BioOil and diesel are generally not miscible; mixing them requires an emulsifying agent to achieve a stable mixture. Ivey’s patented Ivey-sol Surfactant formulations were used to achieve the blending of 20% BioOil with 80% commercial diesel fuel. Preliminary findings met the required objectives, with successful blending stability exceeding 60 minutes. Additional testing is planned to further extend the stability of the blend. Photographs of the emulsion will be available at DynaMotive’s website (www. dynamotive.com) by June 24, 2005.

BioOil emulsions are a cornerstone of DynaMotive’s market penetration strategy, as they will permit BioOil to be added as a costeffective green component to fossil fuels which are currently used in power stations. The goal of the emulsification program is to produce low cost and stable emulsions compatible with existing stationary diesel engine technology. As energy prices reach record levels and environmental concerns take centre stage, BioOil presents a strong potential as a partial fuel alternative.

DynaMotive and Ivey International acknowledge Mr. Anton Kuipers, Director of Business Development, Leading Edge British Columbia, for bringing the two Companies together on this important initiative.

Ivey International Inc. is an innovative environmental remediation company located near Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company prides itself in the development of several patented environmental products that are commonly used for the rapid and cost effective remediation of air, soil and groundwater contamination. One of the company’s specializations is in the field of production of emulsions. For more information on Ivey International Inc. please visit www.iveyinternational.com or call 1-800- 246-2744.

DynaMotive is an energy systems company that is focused in the development of innovative energy solutions based on its patented pyrolysis system. Through the application of its technology and know how, the Company intends to tap into abundant organic resources that are generally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries at a cost and convert them into a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel. Examples include forestry residues, wood bark agricultural residues such as sugar cane bagasse. The Company has successfully converted each of these residues into BioOil and char making them a renewable and environmentally friendly oil and char reserve that is available world-wide.

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