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J.C. Chambers WWTP City of Berea, KY


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The City of Berea was operating with outdated belt press technology which had high maintenance requirements and inadequate operating capacity. During the latest expansion of their facility, the plant evaluated various options for increasing the hydraulic throughput and reliability of their dewatering system. BDP was the press of choice due to the superior performance of the 3DPTM belt filter press, simplified room layout and first class construction and reliability.

The 3DP press dewaters in two distinct steps - 1) Independent Gravity Thickening and - 2) Vertical Pressure Dewatering. In addition to the two 3DPTM presses, BDP provided a complete system with control panels, hydraulic systems, and wash water pumps. The presses are also designed to use the filtrate water from the gravity section as the wash-water for the belts. These benefits combine to provide the City of Berea with a state-of-the-art, long term solution for solids dewatering.

Our special thanks to Herb Lemaster of Tetra Tech, Inc. for designing a showcase facility. Our thanks also to the employees at the J.C. Chambers WWTP.

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