Jacksonville electric authority’s central chilled water plant, Jacksonville, FL


Courtesy of Zentox Corporation

Situation: In January 2003, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) started up it’s new central chilled water plant that was built to supply chilled water to that city’s new Sports Complex, which includes brand new baseball and football stadiums as well as a new indoor sports complex. Future expansion is planned as the area undergoes further development and a new waterfront commercial complex is built. As part of the plant startup, Zentox Corporation also started up its Clean Streams™ ozone treatment system for cooling water treatment. The Clean Streams ozone system was selected because of its ability to replace traditional cooling water treatment chemicals, improve work place safety, and save water. This chiller plant is the first of several that the Jacksonville Electric Authority has planned for various locations in the downtown area.

System Design: Zentox Corporation designed the Clean Streams ozone system to accommodate current plant loading while providing for easy build out for planned future plant expansion. The initial targeted plant cooling load was planned for 3,300 tons. Full plant build out will increase the plant capacity to 10,000 tons. The Clean Streams system was built on two skids for easy placement and installation. The system took advantage of the plant’s chilled water supply to cool the ozone generators. An integrated air handler, again taking advantage of the plant’s chilled water supply, was integrated in the ozone skid to cool the system’s electronics.

Results: Since start up in January of 2003, the Clean Streams System has performed well. The system has been operated continuously without shutdown. The recirculating water has been maintained in a very clear condition with bacteria counts running less than 100 CFU per ml.

Future: The Jacksonville Electric Authority has intentions of doubling the capacity at this site as soon as planned construction of the waterfront development is underway. In addition, JEA has another central chilled water plant under construction, which will serve the downtown area. That plant is planned to startup in July of 2004. Again, they are relying on Zentox’s Clean Streams Ozone technology to completely treat the recirculating cooling water at that plant too.

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