Japan`s Approach to Nanomaterials Management


Courtesy of Verisk 3E

Unlike the EU, which has introduced labelling rules for cosmetics containing nanomaterials and has published a regulatory definition of the term “nanomaterials”, Japan has not yet developed any similar labelling requirements or definition. Currently, it has no jurisdictional framework specifically designed to address them, nor regulations containing provisions defining the size of chemicals. Sookie Hong of 3E Company looks at how three ministries are tackling nanomaterials from their own perspectives.

Nanomaterials have been used in Japan for some time in products such as home appliances, food, food containers, cosmetics, automobile parts, pharmaceuticals, paints and inks, and textiles. Recognising that they must move fast to provide effective regulations on nanomaterials hazard and risk management, Japanese ministries have been promoting safety measures and guidelines, and developing toxicity testing and risk assessment on nanomaterials.

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