Jet A fuel soil contamination - Eaton Corporation


Courtesy of Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

LOCATION:  Battle Creek, Michigan
PROJECT DATE:  January, 1993 to Present
CLIENT:  Eaton Corporation

BACKGROUND: Soils and groundwater at this aircraft refueling facility were contaminated with an undetermined amount of Jet A fuel. The geology of the area is glacial outwash sand and gravel and post-glacial alluvium. The water table is located approximately 30 feet below ground level and the saturated thickness of the sand and gravel aquifer is approximately 20 feet. The subsurface investigation indicated the presence of hydrocarbons in the soil ranging from 12 to 11,000 ppm and hydrocarbons in the groundwater ranging from 500 to 2,100 ppb.

ACTION TAKEN: A combination of traditional in-situ bioremediation and bioventing is being used to remediate the site. The groundwater recirculation and vacuum extraction system were installed in June, 1993. Full system start up began in August, 1993.

EFFECTIVENESS: The project is currently ongoing

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