Jetoil - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Project Results and Impacts:

  • Set of corporate rules outlining the responsibilities/proper practices for its main stakeholders
  • Identifies its responsibility to the society & the environment
  • Communicates its commitments to and expectations from employees, suppliers, and clients

CSE supported Jetoil to develop a comprehensive code of conduct based on international trends and standards. Jetoil’s code of conduct describes the relationship of the company to each of its main stakeholders, by clarifying the company’s commitments to them and its expectations by them. The code of conductIt outlines the expected behavior as well as the responsibilities towards employees, suppliers, and cuostoumers.

About Jetoil…
 Jetoil is a Greek family company in the sector of marketing of fuels and lubricants, storage, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, bunkering fuel, renting and storing / handling fuel. It is active in the Greek and international market.

Jetoil wanted to improve its CSR performance and incorporate Sustainability criteria, through its organization’s principles and code of conduct.

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