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Joint operation of M40 USV +3D Side scan sonar+ MS400 multibeam sounding system - Case Study


Courtesy of OceanAlpha Group Ltd.

Location:  The dangerous section of Longwan bridge in Foshan city and the harbors of Taishan power station in Tangshan bay, Taishan city

Date: April 25-28, 2018

Instrument: Oceanalpha M40 multi-purpose unmanned boat

Beijing Anderson Changchun 3DSS-DX-450 3D side scan sonar

Beijing Zhuhai Putonghua MS-400 multibeam sounding system

User: Guangdong Banting Survey Technology Co., Ltd.

Instruments overview:

In this mission, the M40 unmanned boat is deployed with a 3DSS-DX-450 3D side scan sonar, an MS-400 multibeam sounding system, a wave master navigation system and a wireless broadband antenna. Receiving mission commands from the base station, the unmanned boat controls the above instruments to conduct the bathymetric survey and submerged geomorphology detection automatically.

Case details

Survey area

The mission includes watercourse survey and harbor basin survey.

  1. Watercoursecircumstance
    Survey area around Longwan bridge, Foshan city(The red frame area)

    The survey area includes both the upper and lower reach of the Longwan bridge and is of approximately 1 square kilometer and the water depth ranges from 2 to 5 meter.

  2. Harbor basincircumstance