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Jumeirah Beach Residence - case study


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Jumeirah Beach Residence is the single largest residential development in the world, 40 towers comprising of 36 residential towers and 4 five star hotels spanning a built up area of 22 million sqft across 7 podiums interconnected at level 3. The towers span various heights from 28 to 55 floors and comprise 6970 apartments, 70,000 sqm of retail and leisure and 5 parking levels.

Although JBR was not designed with an automated waste system in its concept Envac presence in UAE in 2003 around the time construction started saw the developer very keen to incorporate the systems which can be deemed as a retrofit since we had to design the systems keeping in mind the existing spaces available in the tower cores.

The lack of truck access to the 83 waste rooms in the building meant that traditional bins had to be wheeled out in the wee hours every morning for collection by over 17 compactor trucks. This would have been a marathon exercise and the Envac solution was seen as a very viable alternative for the developer. With over 10 million sqft of liveable area this development generated over 33 tons of waste per day. The average cost of investment for the developer was around USD 1000 / apartment and the operation cost about 1/5th that of traditional waste collection.

The system spans the 1.7 km long development with over 6km of pipes interconnecting 83 waste rooms to 2 collection stations. 66 inlets connect 40 towers and 17 inlets are spread across the retail area. Due to the high load of the restaurants and retail area Envac has provided over 4 screw tank feeder inlets exclusively as a retrofit after 3 years of operation.

Today JBR has fulfilled its name as a destination of living a “lifestyle of a lifetime” in a very short period of time making it as a desired place to live in. The destination with its plethora of beach side restaurants, cafes and high end shopping district is bustling with activity every night.

Needless to say the JBR is a flagship project for Envac in the region of Middle East and prospective clients and visitors are spell bound when they see the system in operation.

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