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Just in time for the holidays!


Find our November 2013 Enhesa Flash in your inbox today and light upon the most relevant EHS regulatory topics and trends before heading home for the holidays. Our partners and consultants have done a fantastic job drawing upon issues that are relevant to organizations across the board.

Read our Enhesa Flash now, and find that waste regulation is becoming an increasingly serious issue with waste enforcement on the up around the world, and see global regulatory trends concerning waste issues throughout recent years. Along with this, follow our findings as we encounter for the first time situations where take-back responsibilities are falling heavily on drug producers in the US, and in Costa Rica, a decree on remediation of the concentration levels of regulated substances in the soil that may affect numerous site owners. Learn how EHS corporate professionals must begin to see their sustainability goals as a framework for business growth while the demand for sustainable products continues as a growing trend in competing business. Discover ways to enhance your company’s reputation through compliance and increase profit while saving money among other benefits that integrating sustainability into EHS management can bring.

Print out some pages or save the link to your mobile and stay up to date on these issues among many more in our Enhesa Flash this month.

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