K-Commerce VS e-Commerce

What's the news?
Everybody knows that e-commerce is related to selling/buying 'tangible' products online via the Web (see http://www.eBay.com).
We are all in an knowledge-based economy era, focused on the production and management of knowledge in the frame of economic constraints. It refers to the use of knowledge technologies (such as knowledge engineering and knowledge management) to produce economic benefits as well as job creation.
As a result of constant changes caused by globalization, emerging technologies and shorter product
life-cycles, knowledge and innovation have already become the main competitive advantages of many
In other words, intangible assets as Intellectual Capital, is more and more a competitive key factor of success in the global market, but the question is: are we able to manage profiting from knowledge ?
I mean, are we able to sell knowledge as a 'tangible' product/service, that means not only just once (like a professional consulting service), but in a large range like cars?
If yes, we would hold the trump card... What do you think about?
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