K3Delta installs a high-efficiency BBA Pumps jet water unit


Courtesy of BBA Pumps

The Dutch K3Delta family business has a rich history. Since 1928 the company has been a leader in the responsible extraction of sand and gravel. Additionally, the company has become a major player in the raw materials market, where sustainable development plays a key role.

For the production site at Lingemeer near Echteld, K3Delta has recently installed a new electrically driven BBA Pumps jet water unit with an operating point of 450 m3/h at 100 mwc.

The desired operating point was necessary in order to agitate the soil by means of nozzles so that the continuity of the extraction process can be guaranteed. Robert Gunneman - commercial field sales - was asked to participate in identifying an optimal and sustainable pumping solution.

K3Delta installs a high-efficiency BBA jet water pump BA-C150H7

Sustainable pumping solutions

In consultation with John Arends, technical inspector at K3Delta, the choice fell on the BA-C150H7 pump provided with a MP50 vacuum system. The key deciding factor was the high pump efficiency of almost 80% operating point (and no less than 87% at BEP). Due to the reduced motor power requirements, energy consumption and its associated costs are kept to the minimum.

The jet water pump is assembled with a 4-pole IE3 motor with considerable power. Through the addition of a frequency converter on the K3Delta installation, the pump can achieve a speed of up to 2000 rpm.

John Arends commented: 'Any decision we make has to be environmentally acceptable. Therefore, we undertook extensive research to find the most durable pump solution '

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