Kawangware Vision Center - Kawangware, Gatina Nairobi, Kenya

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Phased development of eco-friendly cottage industry, fellowship, rehabilitation, nutritive and mentoring facility for street youth, single mothers and HIV-AIDS orphans currently operating from rented premises in extremely cramped slum milieu.

Project designed to be self-financing after initial capital injection through eco-construction contracting and materials supply, recycled paper product making, knitwear and other crafts. Phase 01 to accommodate 10 single mothers, 36 youths and 36 orphans, final phase to accommodate 100 single mothers, 400 youths and 400 orphans in 10-25 years. Facilities will include production, training, study, resource, administrative, culinary and their auxiliaries. Eventual functionality as a skills and marketing network, production having shifted to the domestic setting and an urban-rural migration catalyst. This is the first Nairobi eco-construction building approved by the Nairobi city council since by-laws revision


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