Keeping integrated systems simple

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So you've built your business and set up the right management systems along the way, but how do you bring them all together? How can you make sure that your environmental systems match up with your quality systems? And how do you prevent overlaps within the business? Keith Ryan investigates.

'It's all about finding the common ground,' explains John Hele at BSI. With overall global responsibility for quality management within BSI Management Systems, Hele has seen companies struggle to bring together their management systems, sometimes with limited success. 'We've seen a marked increase in the number of people asking for a way to integrate their systems in the last year. There is a growing need for a unified approach to integrated management systems (IMS), but there isn't a single IMS requirements standard in place.'

This is why BSI Management Systems has initiated and is sponsoring the UK's national standards body, BSI British Standards, to develop the world's first Integrated Management System Requirements specification - PAS 99. The Publicly Available Specification could be the first step towards a British Standard, if not an ISO standard in future.

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