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Keeping it clean; close watch over wastewater level case study


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Osem Industries Ltd. chooses SmartScan50 to measure the level of its wastewater facility.

Osem Industries LTD is one of the biggest food manufacturing and marketing companies in Israel. The group produces more than 1,000 different food items currently manufactured in ten production plants. The Sderot plant is Osem’s most-southern manufacturing point in Israel. This plant, which in the early 1980s produced pasta, has developed into a highly advanced production plant with a wide and varied range of activities. The company is focused on maintaining high production standards while caring for the environment surrounding the plant.

The problems

The Osem plant in Sderot, sought an ultrasonic level measurement solution for its wastewater management facility. The wastewater facility incorporates a 6m (19.7 ft) cesspit to which wastewater is streamed continuously. The control chamber, located above the cesspit has an iron opening through which the wastewater can be seen.

The control chamber itself is filled with pumps, cooling pipes, emptying pipes and other elements that may cause acoustic interferences to the ultrasonic beam and an echo loss as a result. In addition, due to the nature of ingredients that the plant uses in its production lines, the environment inside the pit is highly corrosive. Corrosive environments can be quite aggressive and may cause the ultrasonic sensor to wear and tear over time.

Moreover, since the wastewater stream to the pit is constant, the water level is changing rapidly requiring the ultrasonic level gauge fast response while providing accurate readings.

The solution

The plant decided to install one SmartScan50 unit above the cesspit to measure the level of wastewater streaming from the wastewater facility. Since the SmartScan50 is a two-part unit, the electronics was installed on the control chamber's wall while the sensor was located under the control chamber approx. 4m (13 ft) above the water level. This allows the plant's engineers to view measurement results locally on the unit's display or remotely on the control system. Moreover, the SmartScan50's sensor is designed specifically to handle corrosive environments similar to the one in the cesspit and to ensure long lasting functionality of the ultrasonic transducer. A sophisticated algorithm incorporated in the SmartScan50 memory eliminates acoustic interferences surrounding the sensor, such as: pumps, engines and cooling pipes and allows accurate measurement results. In addition, a special operation mode was initiated that enables the SmartScan 50 to successfully cope with the rapid changes of water level in the cesspit. Finally, two of the SmartScan's SPDT relays were configured to allow control over pumps and for alarm set-up.


SmartScan50 provides the Osem plant with updated and constant measurement results of the wastewater level in the cesspit. This data enables the plant's engineers enhanced control over the wastewater process in the plant, and prevention of damage to the environment surrounding the plant.

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