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Kenosha Water Utility - Energy Optimization Resource Recovery Project - Case Study


Project Roles

The Kenosha Water Utility elected to use a design-build approach due to the complex and vaired technologies associated with this project. Centrisys/CNP Technology Water & Biosolids, a dewatering/thickening equipment manufacturere and nutrient recovery/sludge optimization provider, served as teh design-build developer. Donohue & Associates served as teh engineer of record.

Project Summary

The Kenosha Water Utility completed the Energy Optimization Resource Recovery Project in 2015. The project reduced energy and solids handling costs by 20%, reduced dependence on fossil fuel energy by 40%, removed 10,000 tons annually from landfills and produced a Class A EQ biosolids product that produces the annual reuse of 500 tons of nitrogen and 250 tons of phosphorus.
The project delivered a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to biosolids handling, processing and disposal. This design integrated equipment and processes never used in North America, while incorporating the technologies into existing buildings and a 1980s infrastructure. Goals included:

  • Increase biogas generation from the sludge anaerobic digestion
  • Generate electricity from the biogas to produce over 500 kW of continuous power for the facility
  • Use electricity generated to offset peak energy pricing during high-demand periods
  • Use electric and thermal energy to dry the biosolids and reduce the volume of biosolids cakes to 90%
  • Eliminate the volume and cost of landfilled biosolids
  • Produce high-quality biosolids that meet Class A biosolids criteria
  • Recover and use waste heat as the main thermal energy supply for the facility

At the same time, the new process and individual technologies had to maintain the existing effluent quality and not increase ambient noise level, odor or particulates beyond the facility area.

Kenosha Water Utility - Energy Optimization Resource Recovery Project - Case Study

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