Kerosene contaminated soil removal - Argyll & Bute


Courtesy of Soilutions Ltd

Remove hydrocarbon impacted material from the garden of a residential property, Glendaruel, Argyll & Bute

The Client: Loss Adjuster

The Challenge: Following the identification of a leak from a heating oil storage tank at the rear of residential property Soilutions assessed the spill impact. Approximately 200-300 litres of kerosene had been lost to ground up-gradient of the building structure impacting soils and drainage.

The Solution: An excavation investigation contract was agreed with the client in order to avoid the cost of returning to site to undertake a comprehensive site investigation prior to remediation works.

Due to restricted access which prohibited the use of mini-plant, impacted soils were hand excavated by Soilutions personnel. Heavily impacted water found in the field drain was pumped in to storage containers. During the excavation works further contamination was identified. Authorisation for further works was gained whilst on-site thus maintaining efficiencies in the project. All impacted materials were disposed of at appropriately licensed facilities. Despite the additional works, the project was delivered on-time and at a mutually acceptable budget.

Duration: 2 Days on-site

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