Kerr-McGee dredging case study


Courtesy of Liquid Waste Technology LLC - Mud Cat

Application:Clean and dredge paint pigment residuals

Dredge Used: LWT 7MAU Series Pit Hog™ Dredge

Project Summary: Electric manned automated dredge with 3 Krebs cyclones with a capacity of 2,100 gpm, magnetic flow meter to monitor pump performance, slurry density meter to maintain consistent percent solids by varying traverse speed, and Bottom Sense™ (automated system to detect and protect pond bottom) to follow the contour of the pond and protect the liner.

Machinery Specifications: PIT HOG™ DREDGE, 7MAU SERIES MODEL Manned Electric Dredge with On-Board Solids Separation

Length 47'-l0' (14.58 m)
Width 13'-6' (4.11 m)
Height 17'-1' (Top of Overflow) (5.18 m)
Weight 62,000 lbs. (operational) (18,123 Kilos)
Draft. 2'-11' (.9 m)

Catamaran Type Hull--Two Pontoons-56' x 48' x 40' -0' made from 1/4' thick steel plate with Internal Bulkheads and Stiffeners, Polyurethane foam filled.

Auger Type with Shroud

Diameter (HeIix) 18-3/4'
Diameter (Knife Profile) 24-1/4'
Pitch 11'
Flighting 3/8'
Speed Variable to 60 RPM
Cutter Knives Detachable heat-treated blades
Cutter Torque Variable to 17.200 in.-lb.

Working: Cut 13'-6' wide x l8' deep (4.11 m)

Capacity: Digging depth-26' maximum (7.9 m)

Power: 200 HP TEFC Motor - Dredge Pump, Underflow Pump
Service Water Pump and Ancillary Hydraulic Circuits

End Suction Centrifugal with Semi-open Impeller
Dredge Pump ~10' x 8' rubber lined with 22' diameter impeller
Variable speed - 0 to 600 RPM
Design Capacity-2,l00 GPM @. 17 PSIG at cyclone inlet
Underflow Pump 4' x 3' rubber lined with 14' diameter impeller
Variable speed ~ to 1200 RPM
Design Capacity-250 GPM @ 120 ft. head
Service Water Pump 2' x 2' self priming
Variable speed-0 to 2700 RPM
Design Capacity-50 GPM @ 120 ft. head

Solids: Three Krebs Model Dl5LB-T123 Cyclones

Separation: Capacity-2,100 GPM (700 GPM per cyclone)

Hydraulic: Slurry pump - Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Drive
All Other Circuits - Pressure-Volume Gear Pump

Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motor(s)
Capacity-7O GPM @ 1750 RPM Motor Speed
Reservoir-75 Gallons
Circuit One-Auger Drive
Circuit Two-Boom Hoist
Circuit Three-Traverse Winch
Circuit Four-Slurry Pump Drive

Relief Pressure Settings:
Slurry Pump Circuit - 4,500 PSI
All other circuits - 2,700 PSI

Treble Sheave Hydraulic Winch
Traverse Speed - 0 to 100 FPM
Cutting Speed, Nominal - 8 to 12 FPM

Electrical System: Voltage-480V, 3-phase
Two Control Voltage Transformer(s)
120V Power Supply
4V Power Supply

Operation Fully Automated with Monitors feeding Program Logic Control
Dredge Pump - 8' Slurry Flow Meter Monitors Output/Sets Speed
Traverse Winch-8' Slurry Density Meter sets speed
Underfiow Pump -Level Control sets speed; Flow Meter Monitors Output
Service Water Pump - 4' Density Meter starts and stops pump
Cyclone Sump--Level Control signals Underflow Pump
Auger Position--Bottom Sense follows bottom contour--Boom up or down

Immersed Surfaces - epoxy coating, 15 mils min. thickness
All other surfaces - Polyurethane enamel on a corrosion inhibitive primer, 5 mils min thickness

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