Kettleby Foods - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

Boiled pork and beef processed with other ingredients results in a 12% fat effluent. After skimming the fat on the surface, the effluent is hauled off for $80/ton. Production is interrupted during effluent transfer. A solution was desired for an automated system to reduce down time, disposal cost as well as generate saleable recovered fat.

A custom designed Fogbuster 160 GPM unit was installed with integral oil container and pump to transfer the recovered oils and fats via a trace heated line to a heated storage vessel.

The Fogbuster reduced the FOG in the effluent to below 100 mg/l, while recovering over 5 tonnes of fat per week. This produces
revenue of $1,000 to $2,250 per week. The cooking vessels now have a faster turnaround between batches therefore improving plant profitability. The Fogbuster, is fully automated and runs unmanned, controlled via a PLC with process management indicators.

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