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Key aspects of product attraction: a focus on eco-friendliness

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For product managers and designers, being able to identify the multiple attributes making a product attractive is primordial. Environmental qualities are becoming an increasingly important part of product appeal. This paper aims to facilitate the identification of a product's key attraction points, including eco-friendly characteristics. Derived from findings in the literature, a model is proposed that gives an overview of desirable product aspects. The model is principally based on qualitative research from the product design literature (Burdek, 1996; Mono, 1997; Steffen, 2000) and quantitative research, related to new product development by Cooper and Kleinschmidt (1995). Eco-design practices and recommendations have been used to integrate sustainability elements in this model. The last section of this paper describes a product development that is driven by environmental issues. The proposed model of product attraction is applied to this case.

Keywords: design for environment, DFE, ecodesign, new product development, NPD, product attachment, product innovation, product value, sustainability, sustainable design, eco-friendly design, product attributes

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