Key Environmental Issues: Views from Inside the Beltway and Beyond

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With the mid-term elections fast approaching, the Bush Administration is probably feeling a bit unsettled about its ability to defend its record on environmental accomplishments. As Jim DiPeso’s column in the spring issue of Environmental Quality Management confirmed, most Americans (74 percent of those questioned) profess to value government programs designed to keep pollution out of the air and water, and to protect wildlife. At some level, therefore, most Americans would appear to value environmental protection.

The Bush Administration’s record on environmental accomplishments is, according to most environmental groups, weak if not downright bad. The Wilderness Society, for example, refers to the Bush Administration’s record on public lands as “irresponsible.” The Sierra Club claims that the Bush Administration is “systematically turning back 30 years of environmental progress.” The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) maintains a rolling record of specific instances of alleged Bush Administration environmental transgressions. The list goes on and on.

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