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Key lake uranium processing facility - Case study


Courtesy of Sauereisen Inc.

Project: Key Lake
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Owner: Cameco
Engineer: Wardrop Engineering
Applicator: Tron Construction
Sauereisen Representative: Solhydroc, Inc.

  • No. 228 - ConoGlaze Epoxy NovolaK
  • No. 89 - High Temperature Membrane
  • No. 54SG - Acidproof Concrete, Structural Grade
  • No. 265 - Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete

Method of Application: Pour & Place
Environment / Exposure: Solvent Extraction Sulfuric Acid Solution from Uranium Ore and Tailings Processing

Project Details:

  • Refurbishment of slopes, floors and curbs in various areas throughout the plant where new stainless steel sumps were being installed.
  • Autoclave Area - repaired with High Temperature Membrane No. 89 and 2-4 inches of Acidproof Concrete No. 54SG anchored with wire mesh due severe slopes. This area will see elevated temperatures of potentially 300°F.
  • The balance of the remaining areas around the sumps were repaired with Epoxy Polymer Concrete No. 265 at 2-4 inches top coated with 8-12 mils of No. 228 for ease in clean-up after spillage.

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