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COSOL is a leading provider of technology based services and solutions for the global mining and mineral processing industry. COSOL offers industry specific expertise in the definition, analysis, design, implementation, optimization and support of products and commercial systems within a tailored and flexible delivery framework.

Over the past two years, COSOL has been actively involved in defining and delivering the IT infrastructure for a major iron ore organization based in Western Australia. As part of this program, COSOL had worked to support their requirements in the selection and deployment of a Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Risk Management software.

CINTELLATE was selected by the client, a major iron ore organization, due to its extensive range of business processes, flexibility of user configuration and BMS’s proven implementation process.

CINTELLATE’s HSE and Risk Management software is a convenient one-stop solution which addresses not only fundamental incident and risk modules, but also business-related processes such as Meetings and Action Management. These modules or processes are able to be stacked and integrated whilst being supported by a common platform. This coupled with the versatility of CINTELLATE in meeting the unique client requirements and needs proved a key advantage in the deployment of the solution.

BMS has established a proven implementation methodology and process. This is based on years of deployment and implementation experience across diverse client segments and a project management team who is dedicated to driving the process. 

From our collaboration to implement CINTELLATE, the key success factors identified for deployment are:

  • Internal marketing of the new software solution.
  • Ensuring a change management process is in place.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Training in place for roll-out.
  • Promoting user engagement by assigning internal team champions.
  • Continuously updating staff on progress and project news.

The key experiences captured from implementation are:

  • Pre-preparation is critical such as mapping workflows security or permission and list requirements that may arise from workflow prior to attending BMS workshops.
  • Assigning an appropriate client stakeholder, the system owner, in the project team to effectively drive implementation and who is senior enough to make decisions but also exposed to the frontline, hence understands the processes or workflows and ideally possesses subject matter knowledge.
  • Ensure that there is a change management process in place for trained system administrator to make alterations in a systematic manner and inform users of the modifications accordingly.

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