anthracite granular Articles

  • Engineered biofiltration for ultrafiltration fouling mitigation and disinfection by-product precursor control

    A pilot-scale study was conducted to evaluate the impact of several biofiltration enhancement strategies in terms of organic removal to reduce disinfection by-product (DBP) formation potential and mitigate ultrafiltration (UF) fouling. Strategies included nutrient addition (nitrogen and phosphorus) to optimize metabolic degradation of organics, use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, peroxide) ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Biofiltration as pre-treatment to water harvesting and recycling

    This paper presents the results of the long term biofilter experiments conducted with raw stormwater collected from a canal at Carlton, in Sydney. Anthracite and granular activated carbon (GAC) were used as a single filter media in biofilter columns. Media heights of 75 and 40 cm were used. The filter columns were operated at filtration velocities of 0.12 and 0.25 m/h. The removal efficiency for ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Evaluation of Ceralite-A as Ammonia Removal Biological Treatment Support Media - Case Study

    Project Description A novel biological oxidation filtration treatment process was evaluated for removal of ammonia from a California groundwater source. In addition to ammonia, this groundwater had other contaminants such as iron, manganese, methane, hydrogen sulfide odor, color, high organic carbon, etc. As such, more conventional treatment processes such as breakpoint chlorination ...

    By Wateropolis Corp.

  • Rich microbial communities inhabit water treatment biofilters and are differentially affected by filter type and sampling depth

    Factors affecting microbial diversity (richness) and community structure in biofilter columns were investigated. At a pilot filtration plant, granular activated carbon (GAC), anthracite and sand-based filters were used to treat stormwater from an urban catchment. After 12 weeks operation, sand media filters clogged (hydraulic conductivity declining by 90%) and all filters were destructively ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Micro Media Filtration Proving Effective in Produced Water Softening Systems

    Having an eff ective, durable pretreatment system in advance of ion exchange produced-water softening systems is the fi rst, most critical line of defense – ensuring smooth, more troublefree performance downstream. It’s especially true when dealing with today’s ion exchange technologies, which require TSS (total suspended solids) of 0.1-0.5 mg/L and turbidities of 0.1-1 NTU ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc.

  • Water Reuse Terminology

    All water on Earth is used and reused, over and over, in an elegant water cycle. Water reuse occurs in various ways on a daily basis. It happens when a community’s treated wastewater is discharged into rivers or other water bodies. If you live in a community downstream of another, chances are you are reusing water from an upstream town. Scientifically proven advances in water technology ...

    By WateReuse

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