australian drinking water guideline Articles

  • Household rainwater harvesting system – pilot scale gravity driven membrane-based filtration system

    This paper presents the results of a pilot scale study consisting of pre-treatment with a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter followed by membrane filtration. Detailed characterisation of rainwater tanks has highlighted that turbidity, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and heavy metals, in particular lead, were not compliant with the 2004 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). Further, ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Gravity driven membrane filtration system to improve the water quality in rainwater tanks

    The characterisation of rainwater in metropolitan Sydney and in rural New South Wales was undertaken. The results showed that factors such as the lack of vehicular traffic, air pollution and urban contamination meant that rural rainwater water quality was better. The rain water collected in both metropolitan and rural areas generally complied with the 2004 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Global Water Research Council selects best bioanalysis tools for endocrine disrupting chemicals

    The aim of this fact sheet is to review the methodology used to establish guideline values for inorganic and organic chemicals which may be found in drinking water. Such guidance is needed to assist the management of good water quality when the potential for adverse health effects, based on the intrinsic toxicity of the chemical, requires some quantitative description of limits which should be ...

    By BioDetection Systems b.v.

  • Organic matter removal and disinfection byproduct management in South East Queensland's drinking water

    Over the past several decades, much research has been carried out to understand and control the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) of potential human health concern in drinking water. The majority of these studies have taken place in continental climates of North America and Europe, with less work investigating waters in tropical and subtropical climates. This study evaluated the ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Multiplex Construction - Case Study

    Infinite Water designed and installed a plant treating 400,000 litres a day of groundwater from a construction site for safe discharge into the swan river. The Client Drawing on over 55 years of experience in building, financing and developing major projects, Multiplex holds a rare position in the global construction and property market. Multiplex ...

    By Infinite Water

  • Perceived agricultural runoff impact on drinking water

    Agricultural runoff into surface water is a problem in Australia, as it is in arguably all agriculturally active countries. While farm practices and resource management measures are employed to reduce downstream effects, they are often either technically insufficient or practically unsustainable. Therefore, consumers may still be exposed to agrichemicals whenever they turn on the tap. For rural ...

    By IWA Publishing

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