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  • New London Primark store receives protective pigeon deterrent barrier

    A new Primark store has recently opened at the East End of Oxford Street, London W1Eco Environmental were invited to tender for the bird deterrent installation work at this site in early 2011, when the client at that time only required minimal bird protection to a number of ledges and features to the Oxford Street elevation. However, with the installation of a large ...

  • Protect Your Parking Lot From Geese

    Eliminate geese with visual deterrents Scare geese away with a sound machine Protect your parking lot with Avian Control Have wandering geese taken over your business’ parking lot? Geese are territorial and aggressive birds. Protect your parking lot and its patrons with these tips from

  • What Pest Birds are Protected?

    Pest birds can become a costly nuisance to property owners. Some people have resorted to lethal means to eliminate their bird problem, but they don’t realize that doing so could be a violation of state and/or federal law. Many migratory birds are protected from harm by these laws and heavy fines have been levied against violators. Currently, there are only three birds that are not federally ...

    By Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

  • How do we take care of Endangered Birds?

    Many birds are becoming endangered species rapidly due to a range of different threats. The leading threat is deforestation. According to the WWF, the world is losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually. This is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute.1 Due to deforestation and a lack of food sources for birds, birds move to more urbanized areas to look for food and safe places to nest. The ...

    By Bird Control Group

  • Bird Deterrent Installation at Exeter Cathedral

    Eco Environmental bird mesh netting protects refurbished stonework at Exeter Cathedral The Bird Control Problem When Exeter’s 12th Century Cathedral underwent extensive renovation, Eco Environmental were called in to protect the refurbished stonework from the damage caused by roosting birds. Rain mixed with acid in the bird’s fouling had seriously damaged the delicate ...

  • Residence Evicts Unpaid Tenants - Case Study

    Many outside features of this home were populated by pigeons. Location: West Coast Structure: Two-Story Home Type of Bird(s): Pigeon Problem: Birds were roosting on the chimney, skylights and gutters of this house. Customer Perspective: The homeowners have young ...

    By Bird Barrier

  • Inventory Protected using Bird Barrier’s StealthNet

    For more than five years, starling and sparrow droppings created a mess on inventory being delivered to a loading dock. Each day, 15 – 20 trucks arrived to deliver supplies to this university in the southeast. The overhang provided shelter to the birds, whose debris landed on deliveries and campus police vehicles. The maintenance staff had to power wash the area on a regular basis. Scare ...

    By Bird Barrier

  • This Bird Repellent Solution will Protect Your Barns!

    Birds can be a problem in many places and often it is very difficult to get rid of them. They like to build their nests in a safe place that is high up. Birds commonly also look for a place that is covered or hidden away. This means that a barn is the perfect place for birds to nest. The constant noise, damage to buildings and the potential of spreading disease are just a few of the major ...

    By Bird Control Group

  • Woodpecker Problems: Top 5 Questions

    Is a woodpecker in your backyard a privilege or nuisance?  That depends: is the woodpecker pecking?! From my experience speaking with Bird-X customers, it is clear that woodpeckers are a problem bird for many people in the U.S.  Many are not as familiar with woodpeckers as they are with more prominent pest bird species.  Most are not sure how to get rid of woodpeckers and have ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

  • Exposure to the androgenic brominated flame retardant, 1,2‐dibromo‐4‐(1,2‐dibromoethyl)‐cyclohexane (DBE‐DBCH) alters reproductive and aggressive behaviors in birds

    1,2‐Dibromo‐4‐(1,2‐dibromoethyl)cyclohexane (DBE‐DBCH; CAS 3322‐93‐8) is a bioaccumulative isomer of a current‐use brominated flame retardant that has been detected in environmental samples. All 4 structural isomers are androgen agonists, however little toxicological information exists for this compound. The objective of this study was to determine if β‐DBE‐DBCH, the isomer found most ...

    By John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  • The Most Effective Bird Deterrent Device to Protect Fish from Birds

    Fish farms are targeted by birds daily. This became a major problem since the bird population has risen. Once birds discover there is a high density of fish, they will attract more birds to the fish farm ponds1.
    Birds do affect fish ...

    By Bird Control Group

  • Temporal and latitudinal trends of p,p'‐DDE in eggs and carcass of North American birds from 1980–2005

    The use of DDT [1,1,1‐trichloro‐2,2‐bis (p‐chlorophenyl) ethane] in agriculture in the United States and Canada was prohibited in the early 1970's; however, it continued to be used restrictively in Mexico until 2000. Forty years later, p,p'‐DDE [(1,1‐dichloro‐2,2‐bis(p‐chlorophenyl) ethylene)], continues to be detected in eggs and bird carcasses in North America. DDE has been associated with ...

    By John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  • Get Rid of Birds In Your Barn

    Pest birds can damage your barn overtime. Consider numerous factors when looking for a bird control method. Visual displays, noisemakers, barriers and sprays can help eliminate pest birds. Stop migratory birds from invading your barn with liquid bird repellent. As the temperatures begin to cool, many ...

    By Avian Enterprises, LLC

  • How to Get Rid of Canadian Geese

    Have canadian geese taken over your property? Canadian geese are territorial and known to often chase people when they feel threatened. Because they are protected by the Department of Natural Resources, certain precautions must be taken when dealing with canadian geese. Here are some tips from for how you can legally get rid of canadian geese for good with

  • Discreet Bird Netting System for London’s Garrick theatre proves effective bird deterrent case study

    Eco Environmental were approached to advise the end client on what would be the least visible bird deterrent to prevent pigeons from roosting on the front façade of Garrick Theatre in London once the exterior refurbishment had been completed. As there were large openings around the ornate balcony the only real option was our

  • Wacky Weather: What it Means for Seasonal Birds

    Last Tuesday started off like an average early-May day in the town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, with temperatures steadily rising into the low 80s. As late afternoon approached, light rain started and became stronger as the evening went on. It wasn’t until after dinner that Carlsbad resident Skye Pope noticed a much louder tapping sound on his windows and roof than simply rain, and went outside ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

  • Keep your property free of pests

    Pest animal and bird problems are a worldwide concern. Bird-X has a dedicated retail team, taking customer calls every day and assisting new users with our devices, troubleshooting installation questions, advising on new products, and educating people who are first-time users or are dealing with their first pest animal issue. Many homeowners or individuals dealing with pest animals can find the ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

  • The costs and socio-economic benefits associated with the Natura 2000 network

    The EU’s Habitats and Birds Directives form the basis of efforts to conserve Europe’s biodiversity, with the implementation of a network of protected areas – Natura 2000 – lying at their heart. Implementation of Natura 2000 involves substantial capital investment and requires resources for on-going management and monitoring activities. The network can also deliver a variety of socio-economic ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Conversion to Extensive Grass Land for Flood Risk Management

    The Mitigation Strategy of the measure Conversion to Extensive Grassland refers to flood prevention and environmental protection also. Flood protection can be achieved by: Increase the infiltration of rainwater by high roughness and preventing soil silting, Reducing the flow velocity of surface run off, The hydrologic-hydraulic effect varies depending on the ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Birds causing a problem at your airport? We have it sorted

    The Age Old Problem Well it continues , birds and planes do not mix and not only to they pose a threat to the integrity of the aircraft, birdstrike damage can be deadly and costly all round. The 9 standards which are set in respect to bird strike prevention (IBSC standards) require airports to take reasonable measures to understand the risk and to prevent the risks. 15 ...

    By Euro-matic UK Ltd.

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