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  • Effect of Na2CO3 on the pretreatment of oily sludge using wet air oxidation

    In this study, pretreatment of oily sludge, was carried out by Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) process. Experiments were conducted to see the effects of temperature, the initial COD, residence time, concentration of catalyst and OE (O2 excess) on the oxidation of the oily sludge. The results showed that in the WAO 88.4% Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) was achieved after ...

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  • Catalytic wet air oxidation with Ni- and Fe-doped mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites

    Catalytic wet air oxidation of Basic Yellow 11 (BY11), a basic dye, was studied in a batch reactor. Layered double hydroxides with the hydrotalcite-like structure containing nickel or iron cations have been prepared by coprecipitation and subsequently calcined leading to Ni- and Fe-doped mixed oxides, respectively. Compared with the results in the wet air oxidation of BY11, these catalysts showed ...

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  • Catalytic wet air oxidation of high concentration pharmaceutical wastewater

    In this study, we investigated the pretreatment of a high concentration pharmaceutical wastewater by catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) process. Different experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of the catalyst type, operating temperature, initial system pH, and oxygen partial pressure on the oxidation of the wastewater. Results show that the catalysts prepared by the ...

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  • Unexpected toxicity to aquatic organisms of some aqueous bisphenol A samples treated by advanced oxidation processes

    In this study, photocatalytic and catalytic wet-air oxidation (CWAO) processes were used to examine removal efficiency of bisphenol A from aqueous samples over several titanate nanotube-based catalysts. Unexpected toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA) samples treated by means of the CWAO process to some tested species was determined. In addition, the CWAO effluent was recycled five- or 10-fold in order ...

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  • Catalytic wet oxidation of ferulic acid

    Catalytic Wet Oxidation (CWO) of aqueous ferulic acid (a lignin model compound) was carried out under mild conditions (100?150?C, ~300 kPa PO2). Significant removal of ferulic acid (in terms of Total Organic Carbon (TOC)) (81% at 100?C and 95% at 150?C after 2 hr) was obtained using a CuNiCe/Al2O3 catalyst. A considerable portion of this TOC was removed during the heat-up period prior to oxygen ...

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  • The pilot plant for the INTEGROIL project, built and in operation

    The aim of the European INTEGROIL project, coordinated by ACCIONA Agua, is to develop a new integrated solution for the treatment of industrial wastewater of complex composition, with the final goal of fostering its reuse. For that purpose, a modular pilot plant comprising several technologies and controlled by an innovative decision support system has been constructed. The individual prototypes ...

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