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  • Automated Cleaning Solutions with KUKA Robotics and Coulson Ice Blast

    Long before the outbreak of COVID-19, the Coulson Ice Blast research & development team developed the world’s first wet ice blasting machines. The team at Coulson Ice Blast has now developed a demo cell (pictured left) which features a KUKA articulated robot carrying out a cleaning task using Coulson Ice Blast technology. This automated robotic cleaning ...

    By Coulson Ice Blast

  • Robots vs Humans: Which is Safer for Tank Cleaning?

    Until recently, human crews have been cleaning tanks in industrial settings exclusively. But, with the latest technology emerging, robots are taking over the task. It is no longer necessary for  Plant Managers to put their crews in hazardous, confined places for

  • How You Can Save Money on Tank Cleaning with Robots

    Keeping industrial tanks clean is vital to keeping a chemical plant functioning properly. The process of removing sludge hasn’t changed much in decades, but the tools that are used to do it have. It’s a dirty and dangerous process that can be potentially harmful to employees who spend time in these tanks.  In 2020, many plants are still using human crews to ...

    By Ecorobotics

  • Seaswarm to Clear out Oil

    When an oil spill occurs, the challenge is clearing out of the oil fast and secure. Seaswarm is a possible solution to this dilemma. Robotic cleaning instruments absorb the oil and move independently and autonomously. They can communicate between them and coordinate their actions. The supplier claims the job will be done efefctively.

  • Industries that can Benefit from Robotic Tank Cleaning

    Welcome to the future. It’s 2020, and leading companies have declared that all confined space entry should be eliminated by the year 2025. The technology is available, and there’s no longer any reason to continue putting workers’ lives at risk. If you’re managing a plant with aboveground tanks that require regular cleaning, and the processes at your ...

    By Ecorobotics

  • 3 Ways Industrial Robots Love Ice Blasting Technology (a story of innovation, the future, and fate)

    In today’s post we’ll be taking an adventure into the fascinating world of advanced ice blasting technology; and if that wasn’t cool enough (pun intended), we’re going to visit the amazing world of industrial robotics. Then we’ll discuss how these two different worlds have collided for the benefit of all concerned. If you would like to

  • How to Keep Your Industrial Tank Cleaning on Schedule

    Plant Managers are responsible for a variety of tasks that keep the plant running smoothly. One of these important tasks is managing industrial tank cleaning. In the past, industrial tank cleaning required several days of work, and moving crews from their regular positions forcing plant production to slow.  Now, there are different ways to schedule

  • Traits Every Successful Chemical Plant Manager Must Have

    Plant Managers have two major tasks: motivating their crews and maintaining production quotas. Fortunately, these are two things that are in their control. Managers can motivate, however, they cannot do their crew’s work alone. To keep the motivation and production levels high, managers need to have specific skills and traits.  The best ...

    By Ecorobotics

  • How Plant Managers Can Effectively Use Their Safety Budget

    Preparation prevents unnecessary accidents. This is true when it comes to caring for your car, your home, and your crews. Accidents can be costly, affecting finances and health. When you are managing an entire plant, preparation is vital, especially when lives and budgets are on the line. Safety in a chemical plant requires a significant amount of preparation, but the preparation needs to fit ...

    By Ecorobotics

  • 5 Money-Saving Tips for Plant Managers

    When employees use chemicals in any industry, the risk of injury grows. Companies have OSHA regulations to follow, and once an employee removes a lid, hidden costs begin to accumulate.  The process of using chemicals begins to resemble that of an iceberg, and even more so for a chemical plant. At the surface, the costs include buying the chemicals and what is needed to ...

    By Ecorobotics

  • Winning strategies for commercial air duct cleaning

    Commercial air duct cleaning is different than residential air duct cleaning. The work hours are different; the HVAC systems are larger and more complex.  You’ll need more types of cleaning tools, more financial resources, more knowledge and more connections!  The challenges are many but the rewards are great - if you’re successful!  What do you need to do to be ...

    By Vac Systems

  • Companies and people leading the restructured environmental services industry in Canada

    The landscape of environmental service providers in Canada has changed dramatically in the past four or five years, especially with mergers and acquisitions announced in recent months between some fast-growing businesses. Only a decade ago the industry was dominated by a couple of publicly-traded continental companies that gobbled up numerous small and medium-size enterprises to offer customers a ...

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