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  • Record sales for solar PV cells in 2009

    Manufacturers of solar PV cells produced 10,700 MW of product around the world in 2009, setting a new record, according to a recent Eco-Economy Indicators Report by the Earth Policy Institute (Washington, DC). The 10,700 MW represented a 51% increase over 2008 production levels—less than the dramatic 89% growth in 2008 but still continuing the rapid industry growth since 2004. As ...

  • Green supply chain management: the development of supply chain carbon maps

    In recent times, environmental thinking has become a prominent feature in the design of supply chain networks leading to the concepts of low carbon supply chains and green supply chain management. Understanding the sources and levels of emissions within the supply chain is the first step needed to fully design a low carbon supply chain. This paper helps to develop the concept of supply chain ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Look what’s cooking in the world of renewable energy

    The solar and wind innovations that got us where we are today — and those waiting in the wings — point to a hopeful future. Inside a sprawling single-story office building in Bedford, Mass., in a secret room known as the Growth Hall, the future of solar power is cooking at more than 2,500 °F. Behind closed ...

    By Ensia

  • Cheapest Solar Panels for Homes to Reduce Utility Bills and Save On Inflationary Costs

    With each passing day, the number of homeowners using solar panels is growing in leaps and bounds. As their name suggests, these panels provide electric energy by tapping sunlight. It might as well be mentioned that it is a bit difficult to use them in cloudy areas. However, that should not be reason enough not to use these eco-friendly panels for your homes. There are a number of dealers ...

    By Solarpanelsxpert

  • Novel fabrication technologies of 1D TiO
    nanotubes, vertical tin and iron–based nanowires for Li–ion microbatteries

    We present the combination of anodisation, sputtering and electrodeposition processes as a novel technology to fabricate nanoarchitectured materials. Titania nanotubes are successfully fabricated using Ti foils and Ti film on Si wafers; by simply varying the anodisation parameters a 600–900 nm range of tube length and a 50–150 nm range of tube diameter can be obtained. Iron and tin oxides ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Solar`s Time to Rise and Shine.

    Photovoltaic efficiency records are being shattered, thanks to recent advances in materials science. Last month, a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo., loaded a postage stamp–sized solar cell onto a tray and placed it under a high-intensity pulse solar simulator. The simulator flashed a 2.5 millisecond pulse of light, and 19 mirrors reflected the ...

    By Ensia

  • Indian PV projects grow to 1GW in 2012

    As part of PV Insider’s PV Technology Outlook: India Guide, Vikram Solar forecasts a bright future for the Indian industry with manufacturing opportunities on the rise. Shaibal Ghosh, President of International Business at Vikram Solar, was one of the 6 experts interviewed for the PV Technology Outlook: India Guide.  He pointed out that conditions in India are ideal for the growth of ...

    By FCBI Energy

  • Where Are We Now? A Brief Overview of the Current Solar Industry

    Although there have been reports of a decline in renewable energy investment over the past few years, the outlook for the current solar industry has been improving. In 2012, a total of 31 gigawatts of solar capacity was installed, while 39 gigawatts of capacity was installed in 2013 even though overall investment in solar energies fell by 23 percent between the two years. According to the ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC

  • The definition of solar street lights

    Defining Solar Street Light Solar street lights are gradually replacing widely used traditional public street lights. They have a crystalline silicon solar battery to supply power, a maintenance-free controlled battery to store electricity, a ultra-bright LED lamps as light source. And they are controlled by a smart charging and ...

    By Greenshine New Energy LLC

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