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  • Question of the Month: What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?

    Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that replaces traditional cleaning. In contrast to other blasting methods, dry ice cleaning leaves behind zero secondary waste. One of the hidden costs associated with other blasting methods is the cleanup afterward. Dry ice blasting ...

    By IceTech A/S

  • Question of the Month: What are the benefits of producing your own dry ice?

    Every year thousands of temperature sensitive shipments are wasted due to broken cold chains. When it comes to these deliveries sustaining an efficient cold chain strategy is essential. The best way to make sure the shipment temperature is maintained is to protect it with a plan that allows for more control. The best way to gain flexibility with temperature sensitive shipments is to ...

    By IceTech A/S

  • Question of the Month: What are the effects of dry ice blasting on the environment?

    Carbon Dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emitted from human activity. As such it has been considered one of the biggest causes of global warming. Because of this there is a common misconception that utilizing CO2 in its solid form (dry ice) as a cleaning media will harm the environment. However, this is not the case.   Dry ice blasting uses the same CO2 gas we’re all emitting. It ...

    By IceTech A/S

  • Question of the Month: How can you utilize dry ice blasting for delicate cleaning?

    Already recognized as being a non-abrasive cleaning process, dry ice cleaning is gaining notoriety for its delicate cleaning properties. It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for cleaning surgical devices and catheter tips. Dry ice blasting is also a popular tool for cleaning electrical components in any industry. When cleaning with dry ice for delicate applications it’s ...

    By IceTech A/S

  • Question of the Month: How can dry ice blasting be used to enhance lean manufacturing?

    The benefits of dry ice blasting align with lean manufacturing because it helps eliminate waste while insuring quality products are made in a timely manner with great efficiency. Dry ice blasting is the perfect, non-abrasive cleaning method for improving the speed and efficiency of any manufacturing facility. Cleaning with dry ice allows equipment to be cleaned in place at operating temperature. ...

    By IceTech A/S

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