fine particulate emissions collection Articles

  • Black Carbon – the elephant in the room!

    Traditionally, ambient particulates have been measured gravimetrically according to their size. However, in this article Jim Mills, Managing Director of Air Monitors, will demonstrate that the time has come to change or at least augment the way ambient particulates are monitored and regulated. Air Monitors has supplied most of the UK's ambient monitoring network, but Jim will explain why the ...

    By Air Monitors Ltd.

  • Cement Manufacturing Industry - Pollution Prevention Guidelines

    Introduction Pollution Prevention Guidelines to provide technical advice and guidance to staff and consultants involved in pollution-related projects. The guidelines represent state-of-the-art thinking on how to reduce pollution emissions from the production process. In many cases, the guidelines provide numerical targets for reducing pollution, as well as maximum ...

    By The World Bank

  • Dust monitoring

    Generally, two different approaches are used to measure the amount of dust deposited on a surface; Determination of the soiling of a surface, by a change in its properties; Determination of the quantity of dust deposited, by weight. WHAT IS DUST? Dust is a generic term used to describe fine particles that are suspended in the atmosphere. Dust comes from a wide variety of sources, including soil, ...

    By Queensland Laboratory

  • Beltran WESPs deliver superior gas cleaning performance for Zambia’s fast-growing copper industry - Case Study

    The central importance of copper production to the Zambian economy is reflected in the fact that the value of copper exports in 2010, about $5.8 billion, accounted for 78 percent of the country’s total merchandise export earnings, and helped make it the seventh largest producer in the world. Capitalizing on a worldwide surge in copper prices and the coincident privatization of ...

    By Beltran Technologies, Inc.

  • Wet electrostatic precipitators offer cost-effective solution for HZL - Case Study

    An array of complex air pollution issues places the metallurgical industry among the largest potential sources of pollutants, and one of the most tightly regulated industrial sectors. One fully integrated, nonferrous metal producer in India, however, is demonstrating that a company with a determined commitment to environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability can succeed in ...

    By Beltran Technologies, Inc.

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