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Going Further with Food: The Rise of Channelling Food Waste for Biogas Production

by Geotech  (Sep. 6, 2016)

Almost 50% of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK comes from our homes, representing over seven million tonnes of food and drink wasted from British households annually. Wasting this food costs the average household £470 a year. In fact, if we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be ...

Biomethane enters the gas grid article for energy world

by CNG Services Limited  (Jul. 12, 2012)

The Carbon Plan, published in 2011, aims to reduce UK carbon emissions by a quarter from 1990 levels. With the current policies in place, the UK is on target to reduce emissions by over a third by 2020 and with the introduction of new technologies this should increase to an 80% reduction by 2050. However, currently around half the UK’s ...

Microturbines, Gas Engines Link Biogas to the Grid

by BioCycle Magazine  (Sep. 1, 2006)

OPPORTUNITIES to produce electricity from methane are being improved continuously as manufacturers introduce new and upgraded equipment to address market needs and varying characteristics of raw biogas. In the renewable energy from organics recycling arena, the two primary types of electricity generation equipment are microturbines and ...

Smart Grids – The Governmental Approach

by GDS International  (May 20, 2010)

Scott Blake Harris is the General Council for the US Department of Energy, and has recently spoken out at the NGU US summit (hosted by GDS International).   He was nominated in the position by President Barack Obama in March 2009, and was confirmed by the United States Senate in May 2009.  He focused his address on the $4 billion ...

Smarter grids, appliances, and consumers

by Earth Policy Institute  (Feb. 17, 2010)

More and more utilities are beginning to realize that building large power plants just to handle peak daily and seasonal demand is a very costly way of managing an electricity system. Existing electricity grids are typically a patchwork of local grids that are simultaneously inefficient, wasteful, and dysfunctional in that they often are unable, ...

Grid integration of renewables in Egypt

by Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)  (Mar. 9, 2010)

Integration of large Amounts of Renewable Electricity in the Egyptian Energy Grid - Capacity Building for Management and Engineer-Technical Level (Egypt-RE-Grid). The electricity sector of the Arab Republic of Egypt produces large amounts of electricity through thermal and hydroelectric power stations. Egypt has diminishing proven oil reserves and ...

State of the Smart Grid Business in 2013

by Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd  (Mar. 6, 2013)

Smart Grid sales across the world in the last 3 years at installed prices have grown by CAGR of approx. 35% and climbed to $36.5 billion in 2012. Given the general global economic demise during this period these figures are remarkable. However they include a steady flow of refurbishment business that has for more than 10 years incrementally ...

Avoiding the Power Grid with Renewable Energy

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Apr. 10, 2014)

For approximately one hundred years, thriving countries have been dependent on only one form of distributing power; electricity sent over large transmission grids from plants generating electricity, to customers in businesses, homes, and factories.  Generators extract energy from rooftop solar panels, garbage, and sewage, which replace or ...

Knowing power grids and understanding complexity science

by Inderscience Publishers  (Feb. 10, 2015)

Complex networks theory has been well established as a useful framework for studying and analysing structure, dynamics and evolution of many complex systems. Infrastructural and man–made systems like power grids, gas and water networks and the internet, have been also included in this network framework, albeit sometimes ignoring the huge ...

Solar Energy Costs and the Struggle for Grid Parity

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Jun. 5, 2014)

The price of manufacturing solar panels has dropped significantly in the past decade, and installation has risen as dramatically as prices have fallen. Yet the cost of solar energy varies from state to state and country to country, why? Even though solar panels are cheap to manufacture, the cost of financing, installing and maintaining a system ...

How do we create an ethical grid?

by Energy Efficiency Markets LLC  (Apr. 18, 2012)

So much of what’s discussed in offices these days – and forever really – focuses on this: What’s best for the company? How do we increase profits? That’s totally understandable, given that a primary responsibility of any for-profit enterprise is to benefit its owners and investors. Still, as individuals, and I ...

National grid - GHG data management system advice and comparison - case study

by SustainIt Solutions Ltd.  (Mar. 10, 2014)

The Challenge National Grid tasked us with identifying a short list of suitable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) software solutions to fit their existing and future requirements; like many other global organisations they needed to combine their current range of systems and processes (including spreadsheets) into a single software solution. Our Solution ...

Twelve principles for introducing sustainable energy storage to the electrical grid

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Apr. 22, 2016)

Researchers have provided a set of guidelines to help policymakers, designers and operators develop sustainable solutions for energy-storage systems for electricity grids. The guidelines cover a range of energy-storage technologies and grid-integration options. As societies move towards decarbonising the world’s energy supply and reducing ...

Case study - Green Machine uses biomass to put power back on the grid

by ElectraTherm  (Nov. 21, 2014)

St. Helena Island, South Carolina Gross Power Output: up to 43kWe Thermal Heat Input: 200 - 500kWt Hot Water Input Range: 160 - 235°F Hot Water Flow: 150 GPM     Cold Water Input: 68°F Cold Water Flow: 150 GPM In fall 2010, American Capital Resources Company installed ElectraTherm’s heat-to-power Green Machine, ...

What will it take to integrate renewables into the power grid? Ask a bicyclist.

by Ensia  (Oct. 1, 2015)

When it comes to fitting into the current system, bike commuters and electrons have a lot in common. There’s nothing quite like biking down clogged city streets, weaving in and out of traffic. For short distances, it’s faster than driving. It’s liberating. It’s fun. It also makes it painfully clear that most roads ...

GE expands smart grid offering through acquisition of Opal Software

by Environmental Business International (EBI)  (Oct. 22, 2010)

GE Energy (Atlanta, GA) has moved to strengthen its offering in the smart grid infrastructure market through the acquisition of Australia-based Opal Software, a specialist in data migration and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) simulation. “Opal Software’s products and project management services are integral to the ...

The Smart Grid ‘Acid Test’ – Accommodating Variable Renewable Energy (VRE)

by Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd  (Mar. 18, 2013)

In the previous posts, we have discussed the need for the regulators and policy makers to develop a new framework on which to build Smart Grid. The next stage is to investigate how much VRE can be accommodated through Smart Grid. Maximising the amount of VRE that can be accommodated is the ‘Acid Test’ for Smart Grid. We are moving ...

Milford Haven Gas Pipeline

by Huckbody Environmental  (Sep. 3, 2013)

Huckbody Environmental provided the Environmental Manager to the Client, National Grid for the Milford Haven Gas Pipelines Project, from 2006 to 2008. The role involved site based supervision of all Contractors for 220km of 48 inch/1220mm gas pipeline; document approvals; Government Agency, National Park & NGO liaison; HSE site inspections and ...

Landfill Gas to Power

by Element Markets LLC  (May 24, 2012)

Location: Mount Gilead, NC Online Date: 2012 Element Markets is partnering with Republic Services, Inc., one of the largest waste companies in the U.S., to develop a power project at a regional landfill in North Carolina, which will come online in 2012. Drawing from our extensive project development experience, we conducted exhaustive technical ...

Digester gas - case study

by ENER-G  (Oct. 31, 2011)

BV Dairy, of Dorset, is aiming to cut its carbon footprint by more than 65% as a pioneer of liquid Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology BV Dairy, Shaftsbury, Dorset Established in 1958, BV Dairy processes around 35 million litres of milk per year, sourced from 35 farms located near its site. The product range includes fresh and cultured dairy ...

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