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  • Utilisation of deep geothermal energy for heating purposes

    The Hot-Dry-Rock-(HDR) technology allows a location-independent utilisation of geothermal heat, because aquifers in deep formations, i.e. layers filled with water, are not necessary. The flow paths for the circulating water in a depth of 4 km are created by hydraulic fracturing of existing gaps. Due to the fact that this new technology is quite cost-intensive, high annual load duration of the ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Case study - ElectraTherm generates power from low temperature geothermal

    Site: Florida Canyon, Nevada, USA Gross Power Output: up to 75kWe Hot Water Input Range: 225-230F Hot Water Flow: 150 GPM Thermal Heat Input: 660kWt Air Cooled Condenser ElectraTherm successfully commissioned its Green Machine at the Florida Canyon Mine in Imlay, Nevada. ElectraTherm marked the occasion at Florida Canyon Mine with a commissioning ceremony including officials ...

    By ElectraTherm

  • Case study - green machine in Romania running off geothermal brine

    Gross Power Output Avg: 50kWe Thermal Heat Input: 700kWt Hot Water Input Range: 105°C Hot Water Flow: 10.1 l/s Average Ambient Temp: 12°C The Green Machine was commissioned at a geothermal well in Romania. The machine produces 50kW (gross) of electricity from the geothermal hot water (216°F/102°C) without any fuel or emissions. To further increase the ...

    By ElectraTherm

  • Energy and exergy analysis of a novel multigeneration system producing cooling, heating, power and pure water

    A novel multi–generation system producing power, pure water, cooling and heating is proposed and analysed in detail. The system comprises a hybrid generator-absorber heat exchanger (GAX), the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), the absorption heat transformer (AHT) and a desalination system. For comparison purposes, three working fluids, including R123, Isopentane and n–butane are considered in the ORC. ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Utilizing Waste Heat For Power

    Continuous duty gen-sets provide base-load power generation in diverse applications around the globe. However, high fuel costs and engine maintenance are pain points felt by operators. A low-maintenance path to significant fuel savings and lower emissions is what the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) had in mind when they approached ElectraTherm to integrate the company’s Green Machine waste ...

    By ElectraTherm

  • Case study - Green Machine uses biomass to put power back on the grid

    St. Helena Island, South Carolina Gross Power Output: up to 43kWe Thermal Heat Input: 200 - 500kWt Hot Water Input Range: 160 - 235°F Hot Water Flow: 150 GPM     Cold Water Input: 68°F Cold Water Flow: 150 GPM In fall 2010, American Capital Resources Company installed ElectraTherm’s heat-to-power Green Machine, for generating power from ...

    By ElectraTherm

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