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  • Industrial thermal mass flow meters Pt.1 -Pt.2 - measurement & control

    An industrial thermal mass flowmeter measures either the mass velocity at a point in a flowing gas or the total mass flow rate through a channel or pipe. Figure 1 shows a typical thermal mass flow sensing element. It consists of two sensors: a mass flow sensor and a temperature sensor, which automatically corrects for changes in gas temperature. Both sensors are reference- grade platinum ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Gas Mass Flow Control: Why Thermal Mass Flow Technology is Recommended for Best Accuracy!

    It’s no secret. Price, but perhaps more importantly, performance, drive every new product acquisition you make.  How important is measurement accuracy and control to your lab experiment or industrial process? It’s critical.  If your flow readings are off or the flow is not controlled with precise accuracy your research is compromised, product quality suffers, and processes ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Technology white paper: immersible thermal dispersion

    Thermal dispersion mass flowmeters comprise a family of instruments for the measurement of the total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases, flowing through closed conduits. The operation of thermal dispersion mass flowmeters is attributed to L.V. King who, in 1914 (Ref. 1). published his famous King's Law revealing how a heated wire immersed in a fluid flow measures the mass velocity at a ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Core technology part 1: thermal--capillary & immersible

    For gas mass flow measurement and control, Sierra offers the broadest selection of thermal mass flow measurement products on the market. This is because our thermal mass flow products incorporate two types of advanced thermal technologies, each complementary to the other and each with unique advantages. These two thermal sensing technologies directly measure gas mass flow based on principals of ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • The benefits of monitoring compressed air

    Compressed air is used in many manufacturing processes for many different reasons, from the actuation and control of pneumatic valves and cylinders to the operation of process machinery and tooling. It can also be used as a transport medium for bulk materials or as a purge gas. For all its uses it is nonetheless expensive. This is why, through detailed monitoring, a business can enjoy the ...

    By Contrec Europe Limited

  • How to Attain Precise CO2 Injection in the Carbonated Beverage Production Process

    Looking for the perfectly carbonated beverage? Is your CO2 injection process leaving your drinks flat? Industrial mass flow controllers offer the perfect solution for controlling the exact CO2 injection into beverages to create the perfect foam for the beer industry or carbonation for popular soft drinks. It is pivotal that carbonated beverage manufacturers have the ability control the exact ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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