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Scrap Metal Recycling 1

by Integrated Engineers Inc.  (Jan. 30, 2009)

Integrated Engineers provided treatability services for the facility for three areas onsite: the oil water separator, tin baler effluent water, and aluminum shavings/cutting oil runoff. The facility processes and bales scrap metal for recycling. The three different waters were treated with Floccin J. Oil Separator The oil separator water is ...

Ecopark 4, Spain, trusts AUTOSORT for the efficient automation of its separation processes - Case Study

by TOMRA Sorting (TITECH)  (Oct. 19, 2015)

Ecopark 4 in Hostalets de Pierola (Barcelona), part of the infrastructure of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), uses ten of TOMRA Sorting Recycling's AUTOSORT optical separators, which currently recover 90% of sortable material. This fully automated plant has three treatment streams which process around 300,000 tons annually. Ecopark 4, ...

Scrap Metal Recycling 2

by Integrated Engineers Inc.  (Jan. 30, 2009)

This facility was mandated by the Regional Water Control Board to install a treatment system to treat the 8 gpm from their pressure washing operations. The pressure washer is used to remove the dirt mixed with oil and grease from the cranes and skip loader used in the loading and unloading of metal. Integrated Engineers was hired to design and ...

Recovery of Ruthenium and Other PGMs from Spent Petrochemical Catalysts

by Tetronics (International) Limited  (Jan. 1, 2016)

The recovery of platinum group metals from spent petrochemical catalysts has economic benefits by the protection of the supply chain of these valuable and rare metals, thereby helping to create a sustainable value chain in the petrochemical industry for catalysts. Introduction The platinum group metals (PGMs) are used extensively in catalysts for ...

Superfund Investigates Land Pollution from the Past…and Present

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Sep. 9, 2016)

On September 7, 2016, we took steps to respond to states, tribes and citizens who asked for our help addressing contaminated sites. In response, we are adding 10 hazardous waste sites to the National Priorities List (NPL). The NPL is our list of more than 1,300 of the most contaminated sites in the country that we are addressing under the ...

An Introduction to Bioremediation and its Applications

by HPI Processes, Inc.  (Aug. 31, 2016)

A variety of toxic chemicals, metals, and effluents are created and used in industrial processes. These elements need to be degraded to ensure that they do not harm the environment when disposed. A specialized process and equipment are required to perform this task. This is where bioremediation comes in. What is Bioremediation, and what are its ...

European metal recycling case study

by Antech Hydraulics Ltd  (Apr. 1, 2009)

Client: European Metal Recycling - Glasgow (Bellshill) Profile: Metal recycling facility Machine: Lindemann 825 EtaCut Machine type: Hydraulic shear Oil: Hydraulic fluid (Mineral) Brand: Millmax 46 Reservoir: 5000 litres Operating temp: 50 ...

Nuclear Waste: Greatest environmental challenge facing society

by Tetronics (International) Limited  (Sep. 20, 2016)

Dr Tim Johnson discusses how we can tackle the nuclear waste epidemic. A world full of waste They say you can tell a lot about a society by what it throws away. Like me, I’m sure you can recall the excitement of archaeologists on numerous TV documentaries, sifting through the remains of a rubbish dump or ‘midden’ on the edge of ...

Snapshot of metals recycling in South Africa

by Recycling International  (Sep. 1, 2007)

South Africa is a country of contrasts. Rich and poor, urban sprawl and open countryside, mountains and coastal regions, different racial groups - all co-exist in a country the size of Europe.  With a growth rate of 5% in 2006, the country’s economy is doing well. However, South Africa is facing many problems. One of the biggest is its ...

How to Start the Scrap Metal Recycling Business

by Allance Copper Recycling Machinery  (Jun. 29, 2016)

Are you looking for ways to start a scrap metal recycling business? Do you want to know what to prepare? With so many people becoming eco-conscious, it is quite profitable to open your own scrap metal business. So next let’s learn about the related know-how. 1. Learn about the market. The scrap business is viable in your ...

East coast metal treatment facility recycles wastewater

by Aquatech International Corporation  (Sep. 14, 2010)

Evaporator/Crystallizer Solves Pollution Problems The Facility A major industrial Fortune 500 company manufactures armored-tracked vehicles for the U.S. Army. The plant is located in York County, Pennsylvania. The Problem Aluminum and steel assemblies and parts undergo chemical dip and spray treatments before painting. The ...

Environmental impact of recycling metals from ships: a life cycle assessment

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Jun. 30, 2016)

New research has examined three different categories of Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA), each with different goals. The researchers find that overlaps between the three assessments could be combined to create a more comprehensive form of ERA, usable by regulators and environmental decision makers. Life cycle assessment (LCA) can measure the ...

Waste Gas in Metal Recycling: Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide - Case Study

by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control  (Aug. 30, 2014)

Example: Aluminium recycling Similar tasks: Recycling of copper, lead, cink The waste gas in metal recycling usually contains particles (abraded metal, mineral dust), inorganic, acid substances (HF, HCI, SOx) and dioxins (PCDD/F) as well as a whole range of organic substances (unburned hydrocarbons) and carbon monoxide. Particularly, in the ...

Heavy metal contamination from electronic waste recycling at Guiyu, southeastern China

by Soil Science Society of America  (Sep. 7, 2008)

This study evaluated the effect of electronic waste (e-waste) recycling activities at a regional center, Guiyu, Guangdong, China on heavy metal pollution in the surrounding waterway system. Surface water and sediment collected from the Lianjiang River and its tributaries were analyzed for concentrations of Cu, Pb, Ni, Cd, Hg, and As. Spatially, ...

Identification and control of safety and health hazards in metal scrap recycling

by U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)  (Jul. 1, 2008)

The audience for this guide is anyone who works in the metal scrap recycling industry—employers, employees, safety professionals, and industrial hygienists—should read this publication. This guide can help you identify and manage the hazards associated with exposure to various metals and processing chemicals and with related processes and ...

Heavy Metals in Waste

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Jan. 1, 2002)

Untitled Document Summary and discussion The aim of this report has been to demonstrate the existing knowledge regardng the harmful effects of heavy metals, the ...

Titanium Scrap Metal Processing

by Separation Technologists, Inc.  (Mar. 1, 2013)

Background A world-class processor of titanium scrap had a wash system whose cleaning solution was becoming contaminated with both free floating unemulsified tramp oil and emulsified water soluble oil that was being washed off of titanium turnings. As the level of oil contamination increased over time in the wash solution, cleaning effectiveness ...

Wastewater Metals Removal

by Integrated Engineers Inc.  (May 7, 2007)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Success Stories Wastewater Treatment Metals Removal Ton Nerve Gas Agent Container Rinse Waters ...

Aluminum Recycling

by Control Instruments Corporation  (Oct. 5, 2013)

The Customer The Company is one of the largest producers of aluminum. They conduct business worldwide and serve the aerospace, automotive, building, construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics, oil & gas, packaging and industrial products & services markets. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and 75% of all aluminum ever ...

Heavy Metals in Vehicles

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Jan. 1, 2000)

Untitled Document Introduction Starting from September 1999, Ökopol has been performing a study on heavy metals in vehicles which was commissioned by DG ...

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