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  • Pipe Balloon Types and Usage

    Balloon plugs (or inflatable pipe plugs) expand to temporarily isolate pipes during a repair or in the case of a leak or a crack. Our regular inflatable pipe plug has different names in various countries depending on their usage. Some of the names are plug stopper, inflatable stopper, sewer stopper, sewer cushion, pipe balloon, pneumatic pipe balloon, pipe bladder, bag sewer cushion, flow blocker ...

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  • PlugCo Enlarging Pipe Plug Sales Network

    PlugCo brand created in 2014 by ArgeSim Makina. We manufacture repairing, testing and sealing equipment for using at infrastructure industry the most popular one is expandable pipe plugs. Infrastructure industry needs inflatable pipe plug, manhole test plug, joint tester, protective sleeve, packers, and gas plug etc. These expandable plugs called many different names in the market such as ...

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  • Pneumatic Pipe Stoppers by PlugCo

    Pneumatic pipe stoppers are often used for pressure testing, pipe repair and leak test in a sewer or any other type pipeline. Pneumatic means containing or operating by air or gas under pressure. Pneumatic systems are used a lot in the industry. These systems are commonly powered by compressed air or compressed gases. Pipe Plugs are made of reinforced rubber. These pipe plugs seal the ...

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  • PlugCo | How To Use the Inflatable Pipe Plugs

    A pipe plug is a device made of rubber which is reinforced by fiber cords. It has different names in different regions. Some of these are: Pipe Stopper, Pipe Balloon, Pipe Bung or Pipe Cushion. Inflatable Pipe Plugs do not receive high attention as much as other industrial products. People don’t have much information about them since they are used in a specific field. So, people must search ...

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  • Pipe Plug in Saudi Arabia

    PlugCo is manufacturer of joint testers, pillow packers and pipe plug. Also, you may see them on internet as inflatable pipe plugs, pipe balloons, pipe stoppers, pneumatic plugs and rubber plugs. The Place of Production PlugCo manufactures in the Industrial Zone of Corum city in Turkey with worldwide delivery. ...

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  • An Introduction to Pipe Plugs

    Pipe Plugs – sometimes called Pipe Stoppers, Balloons, Cushions, Bungs or Balls – are devices that can be inserted into a pipe, inflated with air and thereby seal the pipe for repairs, inspection and/or leak testing.Plugs are usually constructed of vulcanized rubber reinforced with fiber cords. They have an inflation point for connecting to a source of pressurized air and attachments for moving ...

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