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Eat your energy efficiency vegetables before indulging in a solar powered dessert: Five ways to save energy

by  (Oct. 6, 2009)

'In the nation's pursuit of energy affordability, climate change mitigation, and energy security, energy efficiency stands out as perhaps the single most promising resource.' -- Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy, McKinsey and Company, September, 2009.We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The problem is, while both business and ...

Current Solar Industries Examined

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Apr. 25, 2014)

Nowadays, solar energy becomes in demand due to the increasing occurrence of new technologies and gadgets. With this, more countries from different cultures and races have discovered new and effective ways in order to utilize and maximize the benefits that environment can offer. Solar energy is one of the best examples they have discovered which ...

Go Solar Successfully With These Tips

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (May 22, 2014)

Installing solar systems in residential areas on a domestic level is a common sight nowadays. All solar power generation units basically work by converting sunlight in to electricity using photovoltaic cells. Over time, there have been considerable leaps in the technology levels of this invention. This environment free power source with minimal ...

Free solar for Africa?

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Oct. 28, 2013)

The African continent is not homogeneous. The constant gap between the way we perceive the north of the continent and the harsh reality that the South is going through is often surprising. Many start to see and praise the "African miracle” progresses. However, many obstacles remain for Africa to impose its way. The sun, is a natural, free ...

Residential Solar's popularity in the USA

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Sep. 18, 2013)

Solar PV prices are decreasing with time. The Federal government as well as States multiplied incentives to encourage citizens to flip the switch. The 30% federal tax credit can be add to States’ subsidies and thus entitle more citizens to access solar energy. Incentives are not the only factors that explain the rocketing popularity of solar ...

Solar energy based thermal energy storage system using phase change materials

by Inderscience Publishers  (Dec. 2, 2011)

Nowadays for solar heating applications, usage of phase change materials (PCM) to store the heat in the form of latent heat is increased, because large quantity of thermal energy is stored in small volume. The present experimental investigation on the thermal energy storage (TES) system is developed using paraffin and stearic acid as PCM. In the ...

Solar PV Testing

by Thermotron Industries  (Jul. 1, 2010)

Introduction The time is now for clean, renewable energy technologies. Favorable government tax credits, a decreased dependency upon oil, and the need to stimulate the economy are just three of the planets that have aligned, favoring the expansion of technologies that harness the sun’s energy. Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules ...

Solar power in growing pains

by European Energy Review (EER)  (Apr. 27, 2009)

The production of solar cells across the globe is experiencing unprecedented growth. In 2007 production increased by 70%, as opposed to an average of 40% in previous years. Today, the installed worldwide capacity amounts to 10 GigaWatt-peak (GWp). Although this is still only about 10% of installed wind power in the world, the other good news is ...

The Grid vs. Rooftop Solar

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (May 21, 2014)

The development of solar micro-grids and mini-grids in the remotest parts of Australia seems to be a rational step in the right direction economically. However, network operators all over the world are still in doubt when it comes to the vast population in urban areas adopting similar methods. The question lies with the homeowner choosing to buy ...

A brighter future for solar in Texas

by Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN)  (Jan. 1, 2007)

I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that. - Thomas Edison, in conversation with Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, 1931 According to the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), Texas has the greatest solar energy potential of any state in the ...

Solar Streetlights Are Bright

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Jul. 18, 2014)

Solar lighting is being adopted by very many households and they are now becoming a common fixture on streets. They are famed mostly for the savings they bring about in terms of energy bills and maintenance costs and that anyone who uses solar lighting is contributing to a reversal of the damage done by carbon ...

SunWize® solar generators

by Energy & Sustainable Development Magazine  (Aug. 1, 2004)

The electric utility that provides power to tribal Navajo land spreading across 64,000 km2 through parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah in the US has installed in May 2004, 64 individual power generation units for housing located on the reserve area that are not connected to the grid. Each 880 W unit provided by SunWize® comprises Shell ...

The Growing Solar Industry

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Aug. 13, 2013)

Solar industry is still growing despite the several crises it faced so far this year. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the worldwide solar capacity will grow by 37 gigawatts in 2013 when it grew by 30.5 gigawatts the previous year. Strong interests toward solar industry are shown, mostly from Asia. During the second quarter of the year, ...

Solar Tech: The Global Phenomenon

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Jun. 3, 2014)

Talking about the present situation of the world, we can really say that we have come to the point wherein almost everything is possible. We can directly jump into conclusion that the world is progressing compared with billion years ago. This is because of the changes brought to us by the new millennium. As we can see, as time passes by, change ...

What Are Solar Buildings Technologies?

by U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy  (Jan. 1, 2000)

Solar buildings technologies use the non-polluting power of the sun to help heat, cool, and power our buildings. Because buildings now use one-third of the energy currently consumed in this country, the potential markets for using solar buildings technologies in place of conventional ones is substantial. Whether you're a home owner, architect, ...

For cheaper solar photovoltaic systems

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Oct. 28, 2013)

It is known for several decades, photovoltaic devices that exploit the sun's energy to convert into electricity used to provide a sustainable alternative - and potentially unlimited - the use of fossil fuels. So why these solar technologies have they not been adopted more widely? Simply “because they are too expensive," said Ji-Seon Kim, ...

How a Solar Light Works

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Jul. 17, 2014)

A solar light is a light that has the ability to convert sunlight from the afternoon hours into electrical energy that eventually powers the light whenever it is required. It looks no different from a regular light but there are very many subtle differences in the background. A solar panel collects the sun’s radiation and then transforms it ...

How to clean solar lights

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Sep. 12, 2014)

Summer's over and now is the ideal time for a hefty portion of us here in the United States to consider fall cleanup. In the event that you have solar powered lighting, or any scene lights besides, it’s not difficult to harm or even demolish lights once rakes and leaf blowers turn out. Fortunately, there are some simple and fast ...

Types of Solar Outdoor Lights

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Sep. 11, 2014)

Solar outdoor lights are slowly being taken up as a great alternative to grid lighting. This is actually a very good investment because it is very durable and provides good quality lighting for much less over time. It is also a green source of lighting since there are no emissions into the environment associated with solar lighting. Some people ...

The definition of solar street lights

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Oct. 25, 2013)

Defining Solar Street Light Solar street lights are gradually replacing widely used traditional public street lights. They have a crystalline silicon solar battery to supply power, a maintenance-free controlled battery to store electricity, a ultra-bright LED lamps as light source. And they are controlled by a smart charging and ...

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