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  • Climate resiliency with termite mounds

    What do termites have to do with climate change? Potentially a lot, according to research recently published in Science (subscription required to read the full text of the study). Through their excavations, termites actually change the composition of soil in the African savanna. The ...

    By Ensia

  • How treatment of homes for termites decades ago may cause diabetes today

    Obesity has been accepted as a risk factor for diabetes but results of four recently published studies have now revealed that insecticides in fat of patients may be the real risk factor. The initial investigations showed that the expected association between obesity and diabetes/insulin resistance was absent in people who had low levels of organochlorine insecticides in their blood (1, 2). ...

    By Tox Free Inc.

  • Good intentions may result in bad health

    President Obama’s stimulus investments in home energy efficiency may have the unintended consequence of increasing future medical costs. The stimulus bill contains $1500 tax credits for homeowners who install energy efficient doors, windows, and/or insulation. Studies in both the United States and England have shown that these home upgrades can reduce air infiltration by 50% in older homes, and ...

    By Tox Free Inc.

  • Flood cleanup – watch out for mold and poor IAQ

    Clean up with air quality in mind Flooding can strike anywhere around waterways, especially in the spring, when lakes and rivers swell up with melt-water. This year, major floods have already hit areas in North and South America and other parts of the world, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, California, Chile, Peru, Indonesia and Russia, just to name a few. When water ...

    By Allerair Industries

  • Healthy ways to keep out critters and bugs

    Let’s face it: Most people hate pesky invaders in their home. But that seldom stops critters and bugs to find a way in. When temperatures drop, a natural response is to seek warmer and cozier surroundings -- not just for people but for all kinds of creatures. Most homeowners are aware and on the lookout for signs that critters and insects try to invade their buildings and living spaces. ...

    By Allerair Industries

  • Solving Basement Water Problems

    Working as a MA realtor for almost twenty five years, I can say without a question that one of the greatest fears of any home owner is having a water problem in their basement! When buying a home, the uneasiness of having a water issue will be magnified ten fold if the intention of the owner is to finish the basement as additional living space. Having a little bit of water in a 200 year old ...

    By EnviroVantage

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