theoretical wind power distribution Articles

  • Numerical methods for investigation of destructive wind energy dissipation by bridges

    Many bridges are located at especially unfavourable places considering the local wind power and turbulence. Therefore it turns out that finding an optimal balance between structural safety and erection costs depends strongly on a proper wind modelling and investigation. Several aspects must be taken into account for the wind design. The effect of wind gusts and randomly distributed wind velocity ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Why Rare Earth Recycling is Rare (and What can We Do About it)

    Earbuds, touch screens, CFLs with a warm glow, rechargeable batteries and power windows: Most of us take these things for granted. When we do, we also take for granted a group of elements called rare earth metals, whose special electronic and magnetic properties make them a key component of many 21st century technologies. These 17 elements are actually plentiful enough — you probably have ...

    By Ensia

  • If carbon pricing is so great, why isn’t it working?

    Political hurdles and low prices have made carbon pricing a low-impact affair. But there’s still hope it can help limit climate change. Earth’s atmosphere has long served as a free dump for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated by humans. That is changing as policy-makers embrace economists’ advice that the best way to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to charge an ...

    By Ensia

  • Overview of seawater desalination status and challenges

    Introduction World oceans contain over 97.2% of the planet’s water resources. Because of the high salinity of ocean water and the significant costs associated with seawater desalination most of the global water supply has traditionally come from fresh water sources – groundwater aquifers, rivers and lakes. Today, however, changing climate patterns combined with population ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • What can blockchain do for the environment?

    “A lot of crypto-currency proponents say that blockchains are going to save the planet. Well, I just can’t see it.” This is not the resounding endorsement you might expect from widely acknowledged blockchain expert Michael Mainelli for the technology most famously associated with the internet-based currency known as Bitcoin. ...

    By Ensia

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