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  • Morphology and reactivity of aluminium nanocrystalline powders

    Aluminium powders obtained by mechanical milling are characterised in terms of morphology, nanostructure and thermal properties. Platelets like particles with a thickness in the micrometre range are obtained. It is shown that these platelets are constituted of many nanocrystallites whose size governs the melting behaviour of the powders. Their reactivity towards oxygen is compared with that of ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Preconcentration of Cu (II) from seawater using a novel and stable phenol–formaldehyde resin

    Preconcentration of Cu (II) from seawater using a novel phenol–formaldehyde (P–F) resin was investigated. 1,2-dihydroxybenzene-4-azo-3-hydroxybenzene-formaldehyde resin (DAHBF) was prepared by condensing 1,2-dihydroxybenzene-4-azo-3-hydroxybenzene with formaldehyde (1:2 mole ratio) in the presence of oxalic acid as catalyst. Polychelates were obtained when the DAHBF was treated with the aqueous ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • An overview of post-column derivatization methods from a pharmaceutical applications perspective

    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the technique of choice for separating analytes pursuant to their detection, identification, quantification and/or purification. Most organic substances, and certainly the majority of pharmaceuticals, are polar, nonvolatile or thermally labile molecules that are amenable to HPLC separation. Moreover, the availability of a large variety of LC column ...

    By Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

  • Synthesis of nano grade ?–ferric oxide and evaluation of its catalytic properties

    Ferric oxide is a well–known catalyst for the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate and hence it is extensively used as ballistic modifier for ammonium perchlorate based composite solid propellants. The particle size of conventional propellant grade ferric oxide was reduced to nano levels by continuous ball milling using a planetary ball mill employing zircon balls in isopropyl alcohol. ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Utilization of kaolin processing waste for the production of porous ceramic bodies

    The kaolin processing industry generates large amounts of waste in producing countries such as Brazil. The aim of this study was to characterize kaolin processing waste and evaluate its suitability as an alternative ceramic raw material for the production of porous technical ceramic bodies. The waste material was physically and chemically characterized and its thermal behaviour is described. ...

    By SAGE Publications Ltd

  • Comprehensive analysis of tobacco smoke using TD–GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation

    The hazardous constituents of cigarette smoke have attracted considerable attention lately, especially with increasing regulation around the world limiting or banning smoking in public places – and even in private cars if children are present. From an analytical perspective, however, there is much that remains to be learnt about the composition of cigarette smoke, because of its high degree ...

    By SepSolve Analytical

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