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  • What Causes Water Main Leaks?

    The number one cause of water leaks today and moving into the future will be the aging infrastructure. “A large part of the US public water system dates back to the years shortly after World War II, therefore, a significant amount of buried infrastructure is at or very near the end of its useful life.” – Qureshi & Shah, Journal AWWA. When aging infrastructure is combined ...

    By EnTech Engineering, Inc

  • Hole Dug, Leak Found - City Of Ottawa Entrusts Smartball Platform To Look For Leaks In Tranmsission Main

    When your inspection task is to survey a critical pipeline for leaks, nothing is more satisfying than trusting your technology to predict the leak location and then standing by as the client excavates the area to find a flow of water within one meter of exactly where you said it would be. The above-described "leak-where-predicted" recently happened with the City of ...

    By Pure Technologies

  • Aquascope 3 can be used by inexperienced operators to find leaks - Case study

    In 2006 the Calgary Water Authority in Canada engaged a British consultancy firm called “Hydrosave” to assist them reduce their leakage from 12% of all water supplied and ILI ratings of 4 – 8 between the different DMAs. The temperature in Calgary gets down to -40 degrees Celcius in the winter and the water board’s staff are fully occupied in winter, however in summer ...

    By Gutermann AG

  • Germany/Albstadt: How telemetry cuts the cost of leak detection significantly - Case study

    Introduction Albstadt is a town located in southwest Germany, about 80km south of Stuttgart. Albstadtwerke are the utility network distribution provider in this region supplying potable water, natural gas and electricity.  In addition to managing and maintaining the local distribution assets in Albstadt, Albstadtwerke operate and maintain two more potable water distribution networks, ...

    By Gutermann AG

  • Ping-Ping, What’s That Sound? Acoustic Fiber Optic Technology Helps Identify Problematic Water Mains

    With the deteriorating state of many aging water mains found in cities across North America, urbanites are frequently witnessing unexpected plumes of water erupt as man-made geysers in their own metropolitan backyards. While natural geysers are awe inspiring, urban geysers are much less so, due to their destruction to property, roads and the environment. Because an uninterrupted water flow is the ...

    By Pure Technologies

  • Successful trunk main correlations in Australia, the land of long pipes - Case study

    The Aquasscan TM Successfully locates leaks at distances over 1KM in Sydney. The Gutermann Aquascan TM (Trunk Main) correlator provided a series of high performance correlations in trials performed in Sydney, Australia.  Sydney Water provided a 1.2 KM of 600mm OD Steel trunk main for a series of tests to be performed to evaluate the performance.  The testing was administered ...

    By Gutermann AG

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